Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Scam Contracts: Jita to Amarr

As was reported earlier, the scam contract gankers are still a danger. This time, the Militia found their bumper holding an obelisk hostage in Uedama.  The contract ran from Jita to Amarr, and required triple cargo expanders, and 2.6 Billion ISK in collateral.

System Health Inspector was the Machariel bumper in Uedama demanding the Obelisk pilot fail the contract, or be ganked.

The Militia was able to assist the freighter's escape, who then docked up in the Lai Dai station. SHI camped the undock, and seethed.

[2016.04.26 00:09:07] System Health Inspector > fine, then 23h autism camping =)
[2016.04.26 00:09:21] System Health Inspector > nobody gets away from us, NOBODY.

After preparations were made to make a break for Amarr, the Obelisk undocked and the chase was on.

With Militia scouts, we were able to get the Obelisk to each gate, untouched and unbumped.  With a webber, the Obelisk was launched quickly from each gate, though chased relentlessly.  It was in the Madirmilire system when we noticed the pursuit had given up.

Finally, the Obelisk docked in Amarr.  2.6 Billion in collateral was saved, and a hard-fought 70M ISK earned from the pockets of the scammers.

One Militia fleet member suggested a kind message be sent

[2016.04.26 01:23:28] Brad Neece > "Thank You for choosing Planet Express Co for your delivery needs" 

Unfortunately, while the Militia saved 2.6B ISK, another freighter had fallen for the same contract scam, from the same criminal gang.

The Militia recommends that haulers avoid all contracts that require triple cargo expanders, and require multi-billion ISK collateral.

Also, mark the names found here as red, as they are still running the same scam contract criminal operation.

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