Sunday, August 12, 2018

Too sexy for this ship

sexyboy6969 of R I O T has been running the Suspect Bait scam in Uedama on Sivala gate, with off-grid Augorors waiting.

He's ensared quite a few people with this trap.

Cochise Chiricahua,  Eskati Dethahal,  msagro artemist, myself and friends fleeted up to try this challenge.

Mistakes were made, and our first attempt failed, though our ammo did take a good bite out of the  hull of his Scythe Fleet Issue, before his 3 companion Augorors saved him.

At this point, sexyboy6969 was feeling quite smug in local.

[ 2018.08.12 00:30:49 ] Thomas en Chasteaux > gf
[ 2018.08.12 00:31:12 ] Hazen Koraka > hmm these logis are annoying lol
[ 2018.08.12 00:38:43 ] sexyboy6969 > lol
[ 2018.08.12 00:43:03 ] sexyboy6969 > NO MORE?
[ 2018.08.12 00:43:55 ] Hazen Koraka > you too sexy for us lol
[ 2018.08.12 00:44:08 ] sexyboy6969 > want me to get a frigate?

After his close call with us, he switched to a battleship, and then there were 4 Augorors on DScan.

But we soon got a second chance, as we weren't the only ones hunting the R I O T scam artist.

Although the KM clearly says 14 vs 1, his dizzying loss seemed to blur his vision.
And he kept saying it was 50 vs 1 in local.

[ 2018.08.12 00:49:37 ] Thomas en Chasteaux > you can get a frigate now
[ 2018.08.12 00:50:51 ] Namrax > Kill: sexyboy6969 (Armageddon) EAT DICK WARDEC FUCCBOIS
[ 2018.08.12 00:50:56 ] sexyboy6969 > haha
[ 2018.08.12 00:50:59 ] Euthymius Sagetus Remak > highsec bottom feeders
[ 2018.08.12 00:51:03 ] sexyboy6969 > 50 vs 1
[ 2018.08.12 00:51:06 ] sexyboy6969 > hahah
[ 2018.08.12 00:51:09 ] sexyboy6969 > love it
[ 2018.08.12 00:51:12 ] sexyboy6969 > easy

When you take on a Suspect Scam Artist, always know that you may lose your ship, and they may have more support than you counted on. But always look for the right moment, and the right opportunity, to hold the fight on your own terms.

Oh. And one more thing.  There is no such thing as 'Overkill' in EVE.  :)
Always bring more than you need.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Special Teams Tackle

Many are familiar with the CODE's. Kusion Special Teams gank clan, which operates out of the Uedama system.

And their looter, Daxter Alabel, might be a familiar name.

But fewer still are familiar with the fit of his elusive Bustard looter.

[17:39:47] Adrian Vexier > Oooohhh. Look a the little ganker-looter:  Kill: Daxter Alabel (Bustard)
[17:39:59] Adrian Vexier > Thank you for tacking him,  Molly Maricadie !

[17:55:33] Adrian Vexier > Hey, whoever took the loot from the  Kill: Daxter Alabel (Bustard) . I would really appreciate a  Wrecked Armor Nanobot or a  Malfunctioning Power Cores. If you are polite enough, of course.