Friday, April 28, 2017

Looter ALOD: The White Whale

The corp Save the Whales. had just ganked a Charon in Madirmilire, aided by their Machariel Bumper Grayson Gray and their assistant looter Silver Scarlett Scandles who flys a  Celestis.

Their freighter looter, Rebeka Athonille, swooped in for what she thought was a routine pick up.

But as it turned out, there were others hunting whales in the sea of Madirmilire, and she felt the barbs of more than a few harpoons sink deep.

Days later, she was harvested for the oil lamps of Justice once more.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Militia Milestones - 100

Recently, a capsuleer discovered the secret of the EVE Gate, and decided to leave New Eden and explore the galaxy beyond that ancient gate.  Nearly 37 Billion in assets were bequeathed to the High Sec Militia as his last will and testament.

In the process of selling these assets, the HSM has crossed a major milestone - over 100 Billion in ISK has been donated to the Militia over these years of operation. The grand total stands at 124 Billion today.

This does not include the Tens of Billions that have been donated and kept as assets.

It is because of Volunteers and Supporters that the light of Hope and Justice continues to burn bright in this cluster that we all call home.

And to the brave capsuleer who unlocked the EVE Gate secrets and ventures on his journey toward our ancestral home, the 150 ranking militia members, the 173 enlistees, and 57 Donors salute you and wish you a safe journey.

Fly Safe
-Thomas en Chasteaux