Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ganker Fail: Not Paying Attention

While running errands, a militiaman noticed Caco De'mon and Duke Jivewalker in Villore.
Checking gankerlookout, it was confirmed that they had been hunting in the area.

Finishing his errands, the militiaman grabbed a nearby Falcon, and went hunting for them.

It just so happened they were on their way to a crime, as he landed on same gate, all travelling the same route, in the direction of the last crime location - Charmerout.

The criminals ended up turning and striking in Noghere.

While in route, the militiaman noticed a Mackinaw on DScan in Caslemon.  Having lost the trail,  he backtracked, found the Mackinaw, and perched on a tactical off the potential target.

The red flashing criminals and a flashing yellow suspect came back into the system.

The militiaman took note of the suspect pilot, as it was highly likely this was their scout and looter - Katty O'Malley

The Mackinaw came and went, but a Retriever took his place.
During that time,  Katty O'Malley remained in system.

If his suspicions were correct, Caslemon would be the next targeted system.

A call went out in Gank-Intel that a Charon was being bumped in Isanamo.

A hard choice needed to be made, to make the 11 jumps, or stay on grid.
Either one could be ganked  before he arrived, or while he was gone.

Choosing to take a chance, he tried to make it to Isanamo.
However, by the time he reached Uedama, the Charon had been ganked.  Luckily, Special Agent Loot Fairy did arrive in time.

Returning to Caslemon, he found his chosen ward, still safe.

Time passed and it appeared that no further crimes would be committed.

Jumping into Mesybier, he noticed the criminals were in the system,  They had been sitting in Villore earlier, several jumps away, and this seemed like a bad sign of things soon to come.

Racing back to the miner in the belt, he noticed an Imicus on short range DScan.

The Miner was still alone, with no one else on grid, but that Imicus was less than 1 AU away.
Soon,  Katty O'Malley warped to the belt, in that Imicus, and approached the miner.

Caco De'mon and Duke Jivewalker quickly entered the system.  Hitting DScan at ever shorter ranges, the criminals were tracked as they approached.

On Dscan

  • Got Permit?    Catalyst    -
  • The CODE always wins    Catalyst    -
  • .    Imicus    23 km
  • Ricardo Tora Retriever    Retriever    23 km

The red gankers landed on grid. Dropping his cloak, the militiaman fired up the twin sensor boosters, and spammed locked the criminals.

The miner was saved. - Save Mail: Ricardo Tora Retriever

The Answer?
Justice, like the HSM, was paying attention, the entire time.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Ganker Fail: Not Always Winning

Friday's action in Uedama by the HSM saw some early victories against CODE with the save of an Orca who began warping to planets and stations after the gank attempt. The Militia repaired its shields and armor, but could not get the last bit of his hull repaired as he was running scared, though he did finally escape the system.

A Russian Hyperion Battleship was saved on the Haatomo gate and repaired to full health.  After a Google Translate convo was had, the Hyperion stuck around the system to calmly and slowly salvage the ganker wrecks.

A second Orca was saved, and by then, the gank fleet focused squarely on the Militia, spending the time to warp about to get a good warp in.  Jennifer en Marland was targeted and hit twice (losing her ship), but the result was the Orca escaped while the criminals were bitter and raging.  

Many thanks to Jennifer for triggering criminals into red hot distraction!

From that point on CODE switched to much more expensive T2 fit ships, purifiers and talos.
CODE could not afford any more humiliation.

For the remainder of the night, the Militia fought hard, and [EDIT] 'really came close to saving a few more freighters', and fought until the gankers quit for the night.

Excellent work everyone!

And enjoy a freighter save video from the following night.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ganker Fail: Three Strikes

Private Paulus Titans noticed a Bastion alliance member in the Misneden system, who was +4.6 sec status (but you know how they are).   The only real target was a retriever in a belt, so he took up an optimal range perch on him.

A catalyst was on DScan, so he waited until the cat was on target before uncloaking.

Strike 1) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)

The ganker came back 2 more times to try to finish him off, but basically did the same thing each time - a swing and a miss.

Strike 2) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)
Strike 3) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)

Local Chat:
Paulus Titans  Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst) nice fail
Sheeth Athonille > meh, first try xD
Sheeth Athonille > figured that'd happen when I saw you on grid, but tried it anyway, about what was expected lol
Paulus Titans > yeah, sucks you not being -5 or less, have to decloak and wait
Paulus Titans > boy, i wish frank would wake up :)
Sheeth Athonille > yeah he's super afk lol
Paulus Titans > wow, your not kidding
Paulus Titans > mis is the most deadly system for gankers my friend
Sheeth Athonille > I've noticed xD

After Sheeth struck out, a Logibro was called in with a MedKit of drone reps and patched the miner back up to full health.

The miner then woke from his nap, noticed his cargo was full - and his hull suspiciously cleaned - and left for the station.  He did not notice the coupon left in his cargo hold.

And the Circle of Life in New Eden continued.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ganker Fail: Hug Reps

Sunday saw several bumpers out and about looking for hauler whales and dreaming of a huge payday.

The Machariel bumper pilot Frayn Bantam had taken up his post in Uedama.  The other two, Jin Kugu and Giblon Gevlin, were sitting on the Madirmilire/Niarja gates.

Jin Kugu found an Orca he really liked, and began bumping it off the Madimilire gate in Niarja.  The HSM and AG pilots responded and brought on grid a healthy dose of shield and armor reps.

The result?

Hugs and Salty Tears.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ganker Fail: Love Bumps

Specialist Kip Winger (Legion) and myself (Falcon) were on patrol in Niarja, as we had spotted a Tornado on the Kaaputenen gate, and a Vexor ganker ( Criminal: BIM BOOM BADABOOM ) in system, who was targeting the Madirmilire gate.

After activating BBB's 5M KR and chasing him away, we went into Madirmilire and spotted a bumped Fenrir ( Pilot: ALLTHEWAY ) who soon logged off.

Jin Kugu was the bumper and the Fenrir was soon aggressed.

22:17:01    Notify     BeepBeep Onzo, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
22:17:10    Combat    Warp scramble attempt from CONCORD Police Captain to BeepBeep Onzo (Blackbird)

The Fenrir warped to Ashab gate, and Jin followed.

I deployed combat probes on Niarja gate and waited for the Fenrir to return to the 1M km logoff point off the Niarja gate,

Kip and I landed near the Fenrir, as did Jin Kugu.

And then we waited.
And waited.

2 looters showed up in a freighter and an Impel

We waited some more.
We assumed Jin was on the gank batphone, calling for help.

The Fenrir had to be aggressed again by an Ibis.

22:30:01    Notify    Mayonaise Mayaki, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Private Fylth  was monitoring the situation in Kamio and noticed the number of Goonion Reds had grown to 18.

I switched to a bumper fit Omen and waited at the Niarja gate.

Fylth saw the undock...
[22:49:22] Fylth > purifiers and taloses
[22:49:28] Thomas en Chasteaux > ick
[22:49:34] Thomas en Chasteaux > rgr
[22:49:49] Kip Winger > oh boy
... and raced ahead of the fleet to point two of the Talos.

[22:50:58] Fylth > planning to take 2 out on kaap gate

He made good on his promise.

 Kill: BAE B PEW (Talos)

 Kill: Unfit ForDoody (Talos)

The fleet paused for a while, and did not enter Mad for some time.
The Fenrir had to be aggressed again.

[22:56:08] Kip Winger > Mayonaise aggressed again

Finally, the gank fleet entered Madirmilira, but through the Bahromab gate. (clever girls!)
I warped on grid with the Omen bumper, and gave it a gentle nudge.

[23:07:13] Kip Winger > nice bump Thomas

Still, they paused, and waited, then finally...

[23:09:17] Kip Winger > nothing on dscan yet.....
[23:09:52] Thomas en Chasteaux > concord pulled
[23:10:04] Thomas en Chasteaux > incoming

The Talos, Purifiersand Catalysts appeared on DScan.

The gank fleet landed, right after I gave the Fenrir one final gentle caress.  (overheated, of course)

The bump was good! The fleet was out of optimal range, and did not fire.
The gank fleet warped away, and then...

[23:10:59] Thomas en Chasteaux > YES!!!
[23:11:02] Kip Winger > did it dissapear
[23:11:05] Kip Winger > AWWWWWW YA!!!!
[23:11:19] Thomas en Chasteaux > Victory lap!
[23:11:25] Kip Winger > I recorded the whole thing!!
[23:11:27] Fylth > :)
[23:11:33] Thomas en Chasteaux > vrrromm

The Fenrir disappeared from grid.   It was saved.

As of 00:21, the pilot had not logged back on, although Jin Kugu awaited, cloaked on the last position of the Fenrir, skulking and grumbling.

Thanks to Kip and Fylth who helped make this save possible tonight!

Oh. And one more thing...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

July 2016 Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the July 2016 Independence Contest, which saw over 500 killmails and 7.5 Billion isk in criminals and looters caught.

In first place - Fire Grenadier Jennifer en Marland - Plex
In second place - Specialist Deveth Wareld - Skill Injector
[Tie] In third place - Lance Corporal Shelley Tortuga - 250 M isk
[Tie] In third place - Private [redacted] - 250 M isk

And congratulations to our two raffle Skill Injector winners: Jennifer en Marland and [redacted]

Thanks to everyone who helped bring Justice to High Sec Space,
saving Miners, Haulers, Freighters, and even AFK/APing Mission Runners on the move.

See you next time on grid!