Thursday, April 28, 2016

Surrender through Self-Destruction

 The Militia fleeted up and began their patrol of the space trade lanes last night around Uedema.  The Kusion criminal gang was docked and active, with their scout and looter - Daxter Alabel - camping the Uedama gate in Sivala.

The normal operation for Daxter is to scan incoming ships for "illegal bling" [sic] or "gratuitous amounts of cargo", and then follow them into Uedema.  Once in Uedama, Daxter notes which gate the soon-to-be-victim warps to, and then orders the gank fleet to undock and warp ahead to lay in wait.  At times, Daxter will bump and hold his victim hostage in Sivala, and send his gank fleet there.

It was just such a night that the Militia delivered back-to-back saves.  The first was a Viator in Sivala.  

Militia scouts spotted the bumped Viator and Daxter holding close for warp-in.  The Militia sent a counter bump Omen and Logis to the grid.  With a well-timed and professional bump, the Viator was pushed out of optimal range as the gank fleet landed, and the shield and armor reps tanked the incoming damage.

The second consecutive save was at the Ikao gate. Daxter targeted an Eos and the gank fleet warped in.  Again, the counter bump and Logi reps tanked the damage.

As the MilItia fleet reset and scouted the gates, a very curious event occurred.  

The Kusion gank fleet arrived on the Sivala gate in their pods, and sat there. They did not jump through, nor did they warp away.  Eventually, someone activated their kill-rights and flashed suspect and continued to sit there.  

At some point, some random traveler arrived and took the opportunity to explode the pods.

A few may have warped off at that point, and the criminal gang flew toward Jita, not to be seen again during our patrol.

We understood this event as The Kusion clan was making a statement, speaking without saying a word.

We would like to think the gang was paying its respects to the Militia, and its demonstrated success at stopping crime on the space lanes.  And this perhaps was just his non-verbal way of saying "GF, you won, I'm tired of failing and leaving for greener pastures."

We'd like to think that, but it's sometimes hard to understand Space Mimes.

So all we could do was watch, and silently nod and tip our hats respectfully.

And for the time being, Uedama became safe and quiet.

Fighting crime in High Sec and Empire space requires patience, vigilance and determination.  But as our fleets prove time and time again, all it takes is a few good pilots who are banded together with a common goal - to make New Eden a better place, through selfless deeds and courageous action.  

And through such acts, anything is possible.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Scam Contracts: Jita to Amarr

As was reported earlier, the scam contract gankers are still a danger. This time, the Militia found their bumper holding an obelisk hostage in Uedama.  The contract ran from Jita to Amarr, and required triple cargo expanders, and 2.6 Billion ISK in collateral.

System Health Inspector was the Machariel bumper in Uedama demanding the Obelisk pilot fail the contract, or be ganked.

The Militia was able to assist the freighter's escape, who then docked up in the Lai Dai station. SHI camped the undock, and seethed.

[2016.04.26 00:09:07] System Health Inspector > fine, then 23h autism camping =)
[2016.04.26 00:09:21] System Health Inspector > nobody gets away from us, NOBODY.

After preparations were made to make a break for Amarr, the Obelisk undocked and the chase was on.

With Militia scouts, we were able to get the Obelisk to each gate, untouched and unbumped.  With a webber, the Obelisk was launched quickly from each gate, though chased relentlessly.  It was in the Madirmilire system when we noticed the pursuit had given up.

Finally, the Obelisk docked in Amarr.  2.6 Billion in collateral was saved, and a hard-fought 70M ISK earned from the pockets of the scammers.

One Militia fleet member suggested a kind message be sent

[2016.04.26 01:23:28] Brad Neece > "Thank You for choosing Planet Express Co for your delivery needs" 

Unfortunately, while the Militia saved 2.6B ISK, another freighter had fallen for the same contract scam, from the same criminal gang.

The Militia recommends that haulers avoid all contracts that require triple cargo expanders, and require multi-billion ISK collateral.

Also, mark the names found here as red, as they are still running the same scam contract criminal operation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WWB: Angry Refubees of HighSec

As the Money Badger Coalition burns Goonswarm and their meatshields to the ground, squads of Goons are fleeing to High Sec space to harass, ransom and raise funds for their war effort.

Mitler continues to horde ISK, slashing FC payments, and refusing to raise a sufficient defense, other than sending DBRB to troll around Deklein to type swordfleet? in local in each system.

Meanwhile, Mitler station-tanks and rages about a 'sekrit' doomsday strategy code-named the "Goonhammer".

The Coalition speculates that it is simply a rubber mallet that squeaks when you mash it. And it will be available as a reward at the $15 level as an early-bird supporter for the launch of his next Kickstarter book - "Boats and Bees - how I bent the knee"

While Mitler lurks and waits to unleash his hellwar on his foes (read: everyone of New Eden) the High Sec Militia has released a doomsday weapon of its own.

It's code-name is ... Brad Neece.

He's only armed with an Omen, a MWD and a video camera.

The resulting content has a high amount of salt.  Viewing the following video is not recommended if your space Doctor has placed you on a restricted low sodium diet or suffer from high blood pressure due to repetitive station spinning.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Speaking of which....

It is abundantly clear, that we must uphold a strong moral code, and always act with integrity and honor.

While the Universe may be cold, heartless and without mercy, it is upon us, as cloned-humans, to retain and show dignity and respect toward our fellow capsuleers.

Empathy, compassion and a strong moral compass will guide us through these dark and troubling skies.

Without which, we are a simply a biomass worse than Fedos.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Militia Reports: Uedama Multiplex Charon Save

Once again, a small team of HSM members were on patrol in the Uedama system.  Also in system was the Kusion gank team alongside some goons, when the militia spotted a newer Machariel bumper pilot - Uncle Andy - bumping a Charon.

The call went out on the channels to get on grid.  Scans showed that the Charon was carrying 6 plexes and additional cargo worth a total over 8 billion ISK.

Two additional bumpers ( Spryt3 and Daxter Alabel ) arrived and harassed the Charon as well.  The criminal gang first requested a ransom of 1 Billion ISK, but as the fleet composition of the Militia members became apparent, the ransom dropped to 100M isk.

On grid, the Militia fielded 2 Omen counter bumpers, a Basilisk, a Scythe, a Garmur and a Griffin.

The gank fleet delayed their attack as they pinged for their own reinforcements. The ransom then changed to requesting that the plexes be jettisoned into a can which again was rejected by the Charon pilot.

Finally, the criminal fleet undocked in a mixed-fleet of Talos and Catalysts as Daxter Alabel switched to a blackbird and sat on the freighter to act as gank fleet warp-in

The first warp-in was bad, as the HSM Omen counter-bumpers bravely hurled themselves at the Charon, pushing it out of optimal range of the gank fleet.

A Talos was pointed and held by the militia Garmur for swift justice and removal from the grid.
Interestingly, it was the self-proclaimed CODE 'governor' of Uedama, who abandoned his ship in a vain attempt to avoid the KM.

A subsequent warp-in proved "close enough" and the gank fleet engaged the Charon.

The Basilisk and Scythe held the line, and saved the Charon as it was left with less than 50% structure.

Working quickly within the 15 minute criminal timer, armor reps and hull reps were brought to the grid, and the shield, armor and hull were brought back to full health.

Everyone then went on standby for Round 2.

The timers came off, and another warp-in went bad, as the militia Omen bumpers again courageously threw themselves at the Charon in well-timed bumps, pushing the Charon once more out of optimal range.

Again, a second Talos was pointed and held by the militia Garmur.

Eventually a warp-in proved "close enough" and the gank fleet engaged the Charon, but their poor eyesight, judgement and growing frustration doomed them to leap like lemmings into the cold embrace of Justice.

The Basilisk and Scythe this time kept the Charon repped into its shield and tanked the fury and rage of the apoplectic gank fleet.

Seeing their miserable performance on Round 2, and their precious gank assets turning into space dust for no reward, the gank fleet immediately logged and/or dispersed in utter disgust.

The Militia fleet erupted in cheers and jubilation as this was the most resounding, thorough and unquestionable defeat of the CODE and Goon High Sec criminals.  Their salty rage was palpable in the Uedama system.

Also cause for celebration, was that the event and action was recorded.  ( And a special Thanks to Brad Neece for the video!)

And not only was the event recorded, but it was recorded from a second vantage point. ( Special Thanks to Kip Winger for the below video! )

A previous and similarly saved freighter the day before in Jita was also fresh on the militia minds, but had not been recorded, though the events retold and shared.

The Machariels slithered away, and the Charon was able to dock without further incident.

Although up against a criminal fleet three times its size, a small and dedicated team of militia members saved the day, as well as the valuable corporate assets of a very astounded and grateful Charon pilot.

In New Eden, anything is possible, so long as you undock, and fly fearlessly with Karma and Justice as your co-pilots.

Many, many thanks to the militia members who made Uedama history in this epic save.
Astroo Potatoo Griffin
Lance Corporal Brad Neece Omen, Typhoon
Private Kane Christensen Garmur
Specialist Kip Winger Omen
Private Ramzious Scimitar
Master Sergeant Thomas en Chasteaux Basilisk, Scorpion

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bumper ALOD: O.W.S.

This Bumper ALOD comes to us from some space friends who were hunting in Perimeter.

We won't ask too many questions, but if everyone looks under their chairs, they'll find a salty tear from Oprah, glistening in the light.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Militia Reports: Jita Freighter Save

On April 11th,  a small team of HSM members were hunting the Russian gank fleet rioting in the Isanamo area, and later the Goon/Kusion gank fleet based in Jita.

A Charon was spotted bumped in Jita off the Perimeter gate by the Militia team which was comprised of a bumper Omen, a Falcon, and a Guardian.

The gankers were asking for a ransom of 500M, which was not paid.  The gank fleet undocked and headed for the Charon.

Brad Neece began bumping the Charon, preventing the gank fleet from landing successfully within their optimal range.

During one warp-in attempt, a Talos was too slow to warp back to a tactical, and was caught by CONCORD, which left the fleet with just Purifiers and Catalysts.

Finally, after several attempts, the gank fleet landed and engaged, but the Militia team was able to save the Charon with 50% hull

Save Mail: Jita Charon

Switching between a Basilisk, Guardian, and Hull Rep Scorpion, the Militia was able to heal the Charon back to 100% Shield/Armor/Hull health in under the 15 minute criminal timer.

At that time, the Machariel pilot told the freighter he was tired, and warped away.

With the gankers giving up and leaving the system, the Militia had saved the Charon!

Win or lose, success or failure, what matters most is that you are out there fighting the good fight. Saving freighters is one of the hardest things to do in EVE, but possible, even with the smallest of teams.

There have been many times, even in failure, when the freighter pilot has been surprised that there are still good pilots in New Eden willing to help.

When a freighter is saved, it always comes with great satisfaction, and proves that it doesn't take an army of pilots.

It just takes you - every jam, every disrupt, every rep, and every bump counts.

You can make a difference. Never let anyone make you think otherwise.

Many thanks to fleet members:
Lance Corporal Brad Neece
Private First Class Harish Riraille
Specialist Kip Winger
Master Sergeant Thomas en Chasteaux

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

World War B

For those interested in bringing Justice to the evil empire in Deklein, seek out Spectre Fleet.

Spectre Fleet is unique in that pilots are neither required to join an alliance nor leave their current corporation.

And they just so happen to have joined the fight against Mitler and his Something Aweful bee minions.

Look for their War Fleet schedules in NULL security space and join up.

Check out their Fleet Doctrine and show up in the appropriate ship.  Due to a generous sponsorship, much of their war fleet  doctrine ships are under SRP, so be smart and insure your ships.

Due to the immense popularity in fighting the Evil One, the Spectre Fleet is nearing maximum capacity, and pilots may be turned away if you do not adhere to the fleet doctrine. 

If you want special consideration to be invited to fleet, fly logistics, which I am sure militia members are well acquainted in that fine military art form.

Check out their website, their fleet doctrines and fleet times.

Militia members who take part will receive special commendation awards for valorous service.

See you in Deklein.

And should you see Mitler himself, tell him Empire and High Sec Space sends its regards.

Then 'gently caress' him ... for Justice.

-Thomas en Chasteaux
Commander of the High Sec Militia

The battles and fights of High Sec Militia members in World War B

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CODE is broke(n)

The following is a message from Kip Winger, a Specialist in the High Sec Militia

CODE is self-reporting that they are not receiving any more funding from their Goonie overlords. This is due to Mitler hoarding ISK for the inevitable invasion and wrecking of Fortress Deklein during World War B.

So can we now assume the gank gravy train is over? Can we assume the mini-mitlers have to work for a living? CODE still has a large surplus of ISK, and many cats and talos all stocked up, so miner ganking will not slow down, although we may see a slow-down in freighter ganking.

They also still seem to be buddies with the Goons.  CODE does ganking runs with the Goons when the bad-at-EVE Goon-fail the first gank and need more people (as you see in the later KM).

However they are changing tactics.

Take this example taken from their website.

Spryt3 > pay 200m or we gank you
Altier Darkblood > Or I pay and you gank me anyway right?
Spryt3 > yeah we will just gank you if you wana go space lawyering
Altier Darkblood > OK
Altier Darkblood > I'm going to pay
Altier Darkblood > You have a decent reputation of being honorable to your word.
Altier Darkblood > I payed
Spryt3 > you have no mining permit
Altier Darkblood > I don't even know what one is?
Altier Darkblood > But I payed your tax
Altier Darkblood > Come on, I payed 

He gave in, and paid, trying to buy his way out of trouble… but as you know… its CODE…  so it's always a lie.

And their reason:
“After Altier transferred the 200 million isk, complications arose. The Orca pilot didn't have a mining permit--which is a prerequisite for ransoming privileges. The 200 million isk was reclassified as a "no strings attached" donation. “

He funded his own gank!  His KM only dropped 73 million ISK, not a large amount and with CODE's cut backs, he might have lost interest.  However because he paid the ransom of 200 million, it was not an almost 300 million target, worth the 9 Cats and 1 Stealth Bomber price tag to gank.

Another example:
XURR was flying a Providence though Uedama, with a webber, and was caught.  I proceeded to convo the pilot, who said they were a permit holder.  They offered to pay a ransom to get free, however the bumpers said they “were not CODE”, thus permits were not valid or held no authority.
And… after one failed gank attempt, the bumping continued, and then additional resources were pulled in and then the real worth of the permit showed up.

Surprise... they were CODE and goons!  Which, in the space autism of CODE reasoning, made the Permit Invalid!

In the past, CODE would boldly claim that "We don't need the loot", and then proceed to madly scramble to loot their own blue wrecks and the freighter wreck like meth-addicted prostitutes without two pence to rub together.  

Now they really, really do need the loot!!!

They now resort more and more to these honor-less games in order to turn a profit.  So the next time you are bumped, and they offer you 200 million ransom to get free… Are you ready to part with your ship, and 200 million?

Just say No to the broke(n) CODE.


  • Haul smaller amounts
  • Watch for multi-billion ISK collateral SCAM contracts that force expanded cargo holds
  • USE reinforced bulkheads!!  
    • You can get over 500,000 HP with 3x Bulks with a Obelisk.  
  • Bring webber alt, web right away at the gate, don't wait for the first Bump.

Kip Winger
Specialist, High Sec Militia

Freedom and Liberty in High Sec

The following is a message from Kane Christensen, a Private in the High Sec Militia

For too long have many suffered the scourge of organized crime in New Eden. Some have suffered in silence, while others have made the choice to stand firm and combat this plague. Many have fought this injustice without seeking recognition or fame. They have done this simply knowing they did their part to stop it, often at their own financial expense.

Criminal gangs, as they have made very apparent, have little respect for not only what we do, but why we do it. They underestimate the will of a group of like minded individuals and the glorious heights that a team can achieve.

Some time ago, during an AG operation in Uedama, a comment in local inspired me: "You want it to change, do something about it."  I ask every capsuleer to be the change you want to see in these worlds.

Too long have the bandits, who take from the hard working, been allowed to wage open warfare on empire space. Too long have we, the free people of New Eden, been victim to ruthless and callous inhuman clones who attempt to subjugate and denigrate the good people of this galaxy.  Too long has the enemy used terror tactics and suicide operations to riot and wreck wanton destruction on the trade lanes. We, the capsuleers of New Eden, have the power within us to disrupt and discourage such operations.

This letter is a message of hope to those across New Eden who have suffered, a call to arms to those who seek justice, and a beacon of light to those who believe in making New Eden great again. 

We often fight for many reasons, but the core essence of why we fight is for our mates, and for a better future. A few choose to be the victim and apathetic to the looting around them. However, the good and true capsuleers choose to become the avenging angel that brings light to the darkness, and justice to the void.  We stand our ground, we never surrender, and never allow our hard work to be stolen by these criminal vultures and hyenas.

I ask my fellow brave capsuleers to join us, to join our struggle for justice. I ask you to stand in the way of the unjust whenever possible, and to help those who are less fortunate. New Eden is our galaxy, our home.  We all live here, we have all seen the damage outlaws do. Bob only knows how many capsuleers have biomassed in despair and hopelessness due to the callous and evil acts of a few.

There are many ways to help, especially when one thinks outside of the box. I invite any and all to join us in the space trade lanes, in Sivala and Uedama, in Niarja and Madirmilire.  I ask you to join us in the ice and asteroid belts, cloaked in justice and armed with the righteousness of ECM.

We encourage you to form groups and small teams on your own.  We stand strong, if we stand together, united in vision and purpose.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this message reaches those who need it. Justice, vengeance, and the right to keep what you've earned are the things worth fighting for.  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness' are our basic rights which everyone has and should have a chance to enjoy.

Fly safe my brothers and sisters, until next time o7.

Kane Christensen
Private, High Sec Militia

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sivala Save Mails

Fighting crime in High Sec space is often a thankless task.  The would-be-victims may not know or understand why pieces of their ship are missing, or who was that masked Curse flying near the gate, if they noticed at all.

But one thing is certain.  Their hulls remained intact, and the pilots continued on their way.  

Justice was served, silently and without praise, for it is well understood that Justice needs no GF in local.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Justice has no deadline

The Militia has been receiving reports of several defections from the CODEdot alliance, with billions awoxed and fleet hangers emptied.

We understand that these high profile departures and heists do not represent a change of heart or departure from crime or ganking.  It is more widely understood that these events represent a serious deterioration in comity and common vision, as the primary FC of CODEdot exhibits a level of toxicity perhaps only seen once before in New Eden.

While few may view these events as death blows, we view these merely as oscillations in the greater struggle.

We know that life is worthless, unless it is spent seeking Justice.

And Justice, like Karma, has no deadline.