Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CODE is broke(n)

The following is a message from Kip Winger, a Specialist in the High Sec Militia

CODE is self-reporting that they are not receiving any more funding from their Goonie overlords. This is due to Mitler hoarding ISK for the inevitable invasion and wrecking of Fortress Deklein during World War B.

So can we now assume the gank gravy train is over? Can we assume the mini-mitlers have to work for a living? CODE still has a large surplus of ISK, and many cats and talos all stocked up, so miner ganking will not slow down, although we may see a slow-down in freighter ganking.

They also still seem to be buddies with the Goons.  CODE does ganking runs with the Goons when the bad-at-EVE Goon-fail the first gank and need more people (as you see in the later KM).

However they are changing tactics.

Take this example taken from their website.

Spryt3 > pay 200m or we gank you
Altier Darkblood > Or I pay and you gank me anyway right?
Spryt3 > yeah we will just gank you if you wana go space lawyering
Altier Darkblood > OK
Altier Darkblood > I'm going to pay
Altier Darkblood > You have a decent reputation of being honorable to your word.
Altier Darkblood > I payed
Spryt3 > you have no mining permit
Altier Darkblood > I don't even know what one is?
Altier Darkblood > But I payed your tax
Altier Darkblood > Come on, I payed 

He gave in, and paid, trying to buy his way out of trouble… but as you know… its CODE…  so it's always a lie.

And their reason:
“After Altier transferred the 200 million isk, complications arose. The Orca pilot didn't have a mining permit--which is a prerequisite for ransoming privileges. The 200 million isk was reclassified as a "no strings attached" donation. “

He funded his own gank!  His KM only dropped 73 million ISK, not a large amount and with CODE's cut backs, he might have lost interest.  However because he paid the ransom of 200 million, it was not an almost 300 million target, worth the 9 Cats and 1 Stealth Bomber price tag to gank.

Another example:
XURR was flying a Providence though Uedama, with a webber, and was caught.  I proceeded to convo the pilot, who said they were a permit holder.  They offered to pay a ransom to get free, however the bumpers said they “were not CODE”, thus permits were not valid or held no authority.
And… after one failed gank attempt, the bumping continued, and then additional resources were pulled in and then the real worth of the permit showed up.  https://zkillboard.com/kill/53020111/

Surprise... they were CODE and goons!  Which, in the space autism of CODE reasoning, made the Permit Invalid!

In the past, CODE would boldly claim that "We don't need the loot", and then proceed to madly scramble to loot their own blue wrecks and the freighter wreck like meth-addicted prostitutes without two pence to rub together.  

Now they really, really do need the loot!!!

They now resort more and more to these honor-less games in order to turn a profit.  So the next time you are bumped, and they offer you 200 million ransom to get free… Are you ready to part with your ship, and 200 million?

Just say No to the broke(n) CODE.


  • Haul smaller amounts
  • Watch for multi-billion ISK collateral SCAM contracts that force expanded cargo holds
  • USE reinforced bulkheads!!  
    • You can get over 500,000 HP with 3x Bulks with a Obelisk.  
  • Bring webber alt, web right away at the gate, don't wait for the first Bump.

Kip Winger
Specialist, High Sec Militia

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