Friday, April 15, 2016

Militia Reports: Uedama Multiplex Charon Save

Once again, a small team of HSM members were on patrol in the Uedama system.  Also in system was the Kusion gank team alongside some goons, when the militia spotted a newer Machariel bumper pilot - Uncle Andy - bumping a Charon.

The call went out on the channels to get on grid.  Scans showed that the Charon was carrying 6 plexes and additional cargo worth a total over 8 billion ISK.

Two additional bumpers ( Spryt3 and Daxter Alabel ) arrived and harassed the Charon as well.  The criminal gang first requested a ransom of 1 Billion ISK, but as the fleet composition of the Militia members became apparent, the ransom dropped to 100M isk.

On grid, the Militia fielded 2 Omen counter bumpers, a Basilisk, a Scythe, a Garmur and a Griffin.

The gank fleet delayed their attack as they pinged for their own reinforcements. The ransom then changed to requesting that the plexes be jettisoned into a can which again was rejected by the Charon pilot.

Finally, the criminal fleet undocked in a mixed-fleet of Talos and Catalysts as Daxter Alabel switched to a blackbird and sat on the freighter to act as gank fleet warp-in

The first warp-in was bad, as the HSM Omen counter-bumpers bravely hurled themselves at the Charon, pushing it out of optimal range of the gank fleet.

A Talos was pointed and held by the militia Garmur for swift justice and removal from the grid.
Interestingly, it was the self-proclaimed CODE 'governor' of Uedama, who abandoned his ship in a vain attempt to avoid the KM.

A subsequent warp-in proved "close enough" and the gank fleet engaged the Charon.

The Basilisk and Scythe held the line, and saved the Charon as it was left with less than 50% structure.

Working quickly within the 15 minute criminal timer, armor reps and hull reps were brought to the grid, and the shield, armor and hull were brought back to full health.

Everyone then went on standby for Round 2.

The timers came off, and another warp-in went bad, as the militia Omen bumpers again courageously threw themselves at the Charon in well-timed bumps, pushing the Charon once more out of optimal range.

Again, a second Talos was pointed and held by the militia Garmur.

Eventually a warp-in proved "close enough" and the gank fleet engaged the Charon, but their poor eyesight, judgement and growing frustration doomed them to leap like lemmings into the cold embrace of Justice.

The Basilisk and Scythe this time kept the Charon repped into its shield and tanked the fury and rage of the apoplectic gank fleet.

Seeing their miserable performance on Round 2, and their precious gank assets turning into space dust for no reward, the gank fleet immediately logged and/or dispersed in utter disgust.

The Militia fleet erupted in cheers and jubilation as this was the most resounding, thorough and unquestionable defeat of the CODE and Goon High Sec criminals.  Their salty rage was palpable in the Uedama system.

Also cause for celebration, was that the event and action was recorded.  ( And a special Thanks to Brad Neece for the video!)

And not only was the event recorded, but it was recorded from a second vantage point. ( Special Thanks to Kip Winger for the below video! )

A previous and similarly saved freighter the day before in Jita was also fresh on the militia minds, but had not been recorded, though the events retold and shared.

The Machariels slithered away, and the Charon was able to dock without further incident.

Although up against a criminal fleet three times its size, a small and dedicated team of militia members saved the day, as well as the valuable corporate assets of a very astounded and grateful Charon pilot.

In New Eden, anything is possible, so long as you undock, and fly fearlessly with Karma and Justice as your co-pilots.

Many, many thanks to the militia members who made Uedama history in this epic save.
Astroo Potatoo Griffin
Lance Corporal Brad Neece Omen, Typhoon
Private Kane Christensen Garmur
Specialist Kip Winger Omen
Private Ramzious Scimitar
Master Sergeant Thomas en Chasteaux Basilisk, Scorpion

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