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Banned from The Garden of Ganking: ThatOleSerpent

During one's career in the Militia, fighting High Sec criminals as part of the PreCrime unit of Concord, it can be difficult not to develop a very low opinion of the gankers, their motivations, and mental acumen. Most often times, the local channel is a ticker-tape display of criminal mendacity, thought crimes, and psychological warfare of a level only found in the sand boxes of planetary elementary schools. It's hard not to judge. On rare occurrences, you come across criminals who respect the rule of law, and respect the cat-and-mouse game played by both sides. However, most of the time, it is just a continual display that the ctrl, c and v keys are still functioning within the criminal underworld, thus proving, that the F1 key is not the only faded key on the control board within the pods. The High Sec criminal underworld likes to portray itself as " Always Winning ", the place for " Elite PvP ",  where " AG always fails, fails everyday &quo

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