Saturday, May 5, 2018

WAR ALOD: Gud Fights, Gud Fleets

The CODE alliance has grown bolder, and deployed an Astrahus and Fortizar in the Uedama system.

Several brave souls decided they would accept the challenge.

The fleet doctrine was decided upon, based on test runs at the CODE Fortizar.  As expected, CODE rallied multiple gank fleets of Tornados and Catalysts after the Fortizar shields were taken down.

The Astrahus was then reinforced.

This time, it was Machariels and a Coercer gank fleet.  The Coercer fleet would tether, untether, shoot then warp out, in the hopes of not losing any ships.

A suspect Hyperion battleship played peek-a-boo, popping in and out of the Astrahus, but eventually it strayed too far from safety.

The coercers too played similar games, but never quite found a good warp in to do too much damage.  As the Astrahus hull melted, a fleet of CODE Bhaalgorns landed on grid.  But they did not engage, considering the expensive losses that would incur, given the much cheaper Vexor-Osprey Fleet Doctrine.

In the end, the CODE defense fleets left, and explosions ensued.

A hearty well done, and well played, to the Astral Alliance and TetraFinity and all the support pilots who showed CODE this day what true PVP and Fleet Battles look like.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Looter ALOD: Occator Junkyard

Sasha FireWall is a scout and looter for the wardec corp and part-time ganker clan Hell House of the RIOT Alliance.

What normally would have been an easy gank-n-loot operation, didn't turn out to be so easy.

Ganks often leave trash and wrecks on the gates, for scavengers to clean up.
But on that day, the Militia made sure the Occator looter was taken to the recycle bin.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

There Was An Attempt: Ice Bot Wars

One of the precepts of the Clowns Of Deep Entropy is their eternal war on "bots" and "bot aspirants".  As many know, their space memes of "always winning" never passed the Fedo test.  As you can see in the attached video, even the war on the true bots of EVE... they inspire more laughter, than fear.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


The annual Goon Spring Rage event was heralded in the skies above Jita 4-4 and in Perimeter as "MOONPIRE"

But it quickly turned into something else.

The Goon's Burn Jita 2018 began as usual, but then the meme horns of NC\PL were sounded, and a reckoning began.

After losing 3 Machariels to NC\PL the Goons switched to Bumper Typhoons.
But it was not without it's own admission of shame.

But soon, the 'Phoon Shame was matched with real losses as well.

While the freighter losses were unfortunate, the AG community and Militia fought and repped whenever and wherever we could.

Most freighter victims were untanked and oblivious to the Goon event, and were lost.
But we helped guide and save several freighters.

Two of them stand out for me.

One was a Fenrir.

And the other was a spectacular failure by the Goons, as a tank hardened Orca overheated his defenses, while 15 of us repped till our capacitors burst.  He survived, and lived to proclaim it in the channels.

It was this miner's first foray into PvP.  And he won.

He had some help. But as this was his first battle against the Goons, we were content to let him bask in all the glory.

Until next time we meet on the grid.

Fly Fearless.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Goon Leader Mittani makes the case against CODE

The Goon Leader recently had a Fireside Chat in which he attacks anyone who reports possible Goon Botters.

Listen in, and hear the Mittani build the definitive case against the CODE Alliance itself.

"But some self-righteous douchebag decided to report everybody that he thought was multi-boxing..."

"And just like some uppity f*king church lady.. because he felt that he knew best, and he felt that he could actually just look at a group of people doing something and judge individually as IF THEY KNEW who was botting and who was multi-boxing and who was Good and who was Bad.  That person is a piece of sh*t goon f*ker traitor, because YOU DO NOT KNOW what the other person is doing on the other side of the client. YOU DO NOT KNOW whether they are using IS Boxer correctly or whether they are actually violating the EULA. YOU DO NOT KNOW if the person who is mining in the belt with you or bratting [sic] in a belt near you or in an anomaly YOU DON"T KNOW whether they're a bot or not."

"DON'T be a self-righteous piece of sh*t. DON'T be that guy."

"YOU are not the Judge, Jury and Executioner. YOU do not get to decide what other people .. are doing or not doing because you have no idea what's going on.."

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ursus Invisibilis

On January, 20,2018 CEO Bloody Bear of Bloody Claw Security was on patrol in the Brapelille system.  As he camped the system protecting a miner, the CODE. ganker Guybertini entered the ore belt where Bear and the Miner were located.

Guybertini tried to gank the Retriever.  However, he didn't quite have time to pull the trigger. Bloody Bear open fired, and destroyed the catalyst in one shot.  The miner was saved.

New Eden should be encouraged that Bloody Bear and other like minded capsuleers are roaming, cloaked and on the prowl, hunting gankers.

The fight for the liberty and freedom of High Sec is eternal.  And for capsuleers filled with a fighting spirit like Bloody Bear, this fight has only just begun.

To all the criminals of New Eden, beware the Ursus Invisibilis.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Machariel ALOD: Food and Drink Permit

CODE Permit Enforcer was bumping an Obelisk in Niarja on the Madirmilire gate for a long time. The Love ganker clan was spotted here and there, chasing after small targets. But no freighter gank fleet was showing up.

Yet the bumping continued.

Eventually, Enforcer got hungry.

But lacking a permit for snacks, there was no way out of the situation. Release the freighter hostage and refuel, or continue to bump the freighter "on empty"? Tough decisions had to be made.

We had a solution.

Our solution was a WIN-WIN for everyone.  

The freighter escaped. And Food and Drink was finally served.
Oh, and the Machariel gank was quite possibly live streamed on Globby's Twitch channel.
Tears of Joy were spread far and wide across our galaxy.

Most of our fleet weren't watching the feed at the time, as the music selection was ... suspect.

Special thanks to the Tea and Toast crew for helping a fellow capsuleer in a time of need.