Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bumper ALOD: Silver Linings

One of our Black Ops members found a Machariel fit for criminal acts.  Thankfully, they found the silver lining in that criminal space cloud, and collected a handsome bounty.

The bumper Sil Ver had hoped exploding freighters would rain ISK down upon his head.
Instead, he found a hailstorm of Justice.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ganker Scout ALOD: Downward Slope

The criminal scout Slope Codie was scanning ships and cargo at the Kamio gate in the Kaaputenen system.  Justice arrived, and things went downhill for Codie from there.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bumper ALOD: Gevlon Goblin sends his regards

The Black Ops Team found this Machariel bumper who stopped bumping a freighter and sat motionless 200 km off of Madirmilire gate in Niarja.  This pilot had cynically adopted a nom de guerre in defiance of one of the Goons long time nemesis.


now THAT was FUN!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

CODE ALOD - Karma has no menu

Karma has no menu.  
You get served, what you deserve

A flurry of reports emerged today that the criminal Kusion clan suddenly decided they wanted to retire from CODE. by "drawing his pension in one lump sum" and received a "small going away gift" from the members.

This caused a "minor change of CODE alliance plans" and the "Goon's Burn Jita event was postponed" to make way for the retirement party to be held in Kusions' honor.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Looter ALOD: Chaos Theory

A Militia member raced to Josameto after receiving reports about a bump in progress (BIP), but was too late for the gank.  He did see a freighter getting attacked by war targets and it ended up  with a fair amount of loot in the wreck that the mercenaries left behind.

So the team of Militia members decided to retrieve and rescue the loot. They saved a fair bit for the victim and contracted it back.

Meanwhile, another freighter was ganked.  The Militia warped to the scene.  They found Pfwiet Chakaid in a freighter with several blackbirds flashing suspect all looting.

They destroyed the blackbirds and Pfwiet decided to directly loot the rest. He was scrammed as soon as he went suspect, and death followed quickly.

Chaos Theory: the branch of New Eden philosophy that deals with complex situations whose outcomes are highly sensitive to slight changes in conditions, so that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great justice.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Looter ALOD: Very Shiny Objects

Blackbirds have a reputation for thievery, avidly collecting shiny objects to adorn their nests. 

While that may be a myth back on earth, the reputation has carried into space reality here in the cluster.

Thankfully, there is a bird of prey that hunts such blackbirds, and it soars on the wings of swift justice.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Militia Life - Spacelane Assistance

Life in the High Sec Militia is always unpredictable. One never knows what you will come across each day.

After an earlier day's work patrolling and fighting the good fight, one militia member had retired to the Captain's Quarters in Madirmilire.  After taking care of administrative and personal matters, there were only a couple hours left in the day.  The question arose, to go back out or call it a day? Sitting on the couch and watching the CONCORD daily news or Space Vids appealed to him. But something was tugging at his mind, something was calling out to him from the void.

A quick check of the Intel channels revealed the Kusion Criminal Gang had struck Uedama fairly recently.  Decision made, the militia member slipped into a fast ship and undocked.

Landing on the Niarja gate to jump through, he noticed the bright orange marker of a known Machariel bumper - Edwin Niwde - and an Obelisk some 250km off the gate.  After jumping through there was only one choice to be made, he headed back.

The militia member docked back up, jumped into a Guardian and warped out to a tactical point on the gate.  At this time, a catalyst was near the Obelisk. The cat scrammed the Freighter, and began shooting.  It was clear the freighter pilot made the fatal mistake of accepting a duel from a scam web con artist working alongside the Machariel.

Given the Guardian would have to go suspect to aid the freighter, and noticing the catalyst had a 0isk KR on it, the militia member docked back up and jumped into a Curse.

Landing at the gate, he activated the MWD and burned toward the Obelisk which was now 300km off the gate.  Within 200km someone activated the KR and the catalyst began flashing suspect.  Within 100km the Curse unleashed 4x Tracking Disrupters upon the catalyst, nuking the cat's optimal gun range, and closing still, unleashed a full bay of Hobgoblin IIs upon the catalyst.

The freighter was saved with only 23% hull left. The crime was 'Interrupted'.

The Machariel bumper returned to harass and bump the freighter while the catalyst pilot, now in his capsule, warped off

Calls were placed for Logistics and Reps as the Curse circled and waited for the catalyst pilot to return.

Two Chain Ospreys were the first to arrive on scene, and as the Obelisk shields reached 100%, the militia pilot docked back up and slipped into the Guardian once more.

More Logistics arrived and the armor was repaired back to 100%.  Still the catalyst had not returned.

With the armor at 100%, the milita member docked back up and grabbed a specially fitted Cap-Stable Hull Rep Scorpion and raced back to the grid.  The Machariel kept bumping, but once the freighter hull reached over 50%, the Machariel warped off and jumped into Ashab.

He had been beaten.

With his tormentor now gone, the Obelisk changed course and docked up for the day.
Contact information was exchanged along with advice.  

In High Sec Space, you will find too many bad people, but also find many good people caught in bad situations. 

And although space is a cold and heartless void, where you find Hope and Justice is in the times you take to reach out and lend a helping hand.

Fly Safe