Monday, September 28, 2015

There is a big hole in that Blue Donut

Last week, the Goons and their CODEdot Mini-Me's held a Burn Uedama event that spanned from Thursday to Saturday.

One Meeeellion days... station tanked in Kino

As always, the local channel was a copy/paste spam fest of propaganda, trolling, and intellectual dishonesty.

On grid, it was no different.

Two noteworthy popcorn-time events took place.

During the Goon shift, a freighter was bumped and fail ganked.  Members of the Militia and wider AG community answered the distress call, and repped the freighter to good health.  It was at this time that an announcement was made in local that the Goon Overlords had issued a command to free this freighter.

Apparently, this freighter was Goon Blue.

And apparently, the Goon line members were clueless and had ignored the freighter pilots protestations and claims.

C-ta Vilosa > In compliance with commands from our goon overlords Lefty Peon is hereby freed from bumps!
Rhamnousia Nosferatu > well at least its nice to know who the boss is
Greensleeves Ingoro > Christ I hate Uedama

Later, on the Mini-Me CODEdot shift, another 'Blue' freighter was bumped and harassed once more. Although this time, the criminals did not care about any Blue status.  And even went so far as to call the pilot a Goon Pet.

The irony was well noted in local by fellow Militia members.

This is Harassment > Grats, goon saved ;)
This is Harassment > Interesting, I decyned too.
This is Harassment > *descyned
This is Harassment > *typing is hard.
Lazy Leonard > I am not a goon
Lazy Leonard > dont insult me
This is Harassment > Would you prefer "goon pet" then?
Pythia Avalhar > Pet calling pet a pet. Mind, blown.

However, the Militia was able to once more successfully aid in the saving and escape of the Blue Goon from the bumping Machariel.

It should be noted and made clear, that while we may ignore 'bumped' Goon Corp/Alliance member freighters or 'bumped' freighters who are known looters as obvious feints and distractions, all other freighters are aided without bias and reservation.

Our goal is the prevention of crime in High Sec space.  And this means making criminals fail while answering the call for Justice.

With Justice, there are few exceptions to the rule of Law.

The same cannot be said of that giant hole, in the Goons Blue Donut.

AG Failed Aga... No. Wait.  #CODEMemeFail

Fly Informed
Fly Vigilant
Fly Safe
The High Sec Militia

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tears of a Space Clown

As many capsuleers are aware, the local channel is generally a quiet place, except for the major trade hubs.  In Jita, it's a carnival of hucksters, con men, and terrible marketing practices.

However, when the gank fleet comes to a system near you, that's when the solar system channel turns into a three ring circus.  Although, unlucky for you, it is three rings of space clowns.

If you unwittingly purchased a ticket to this bizarro show, this image sums up the 'l33t' ganker fleet experience.

But a funny thing happened at the circus in Madirmilire Sunday evening.  After many pictures by moms, and celebratory hugs that lasted suspiciously long, all the elation turned to ... tears.

Consider HSM Case File 49172114.  The looter of the ganked freighter celebrated far too early.

There, there, Dear, we all make mistakes

Now there's some sad things known to clones 
But ain't too much sadder than the tears of a space clown. 
When there's no freighters around
- ancient popular tune, circa 20th century - Earth

These gank circus shows are always held without proper licenses and permits.  Thankfully, the militia and the AG community are always there to make sure everyone leaves with an oversized souvenir cup of Justice.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Looter ALOD - One fine Sunday in Sivala

There are days when plans work flawlessly.  Then there are Sundays in Sivala in September.

Consider HSM Case File 49046433

Unfortunately for this hauler, he choose the wrong day and time to move freight through Sivala.
8 Talos left their Kamio station to commit the crime.  One Talos was pointed and interminably delayed en route.  No less than 4 Talos were jammed by ECM.  Yet, the freighter succumbed to its fate.

And that's where Kuschelzeit, and his looter Charon, enters the scene.

Kuschelzeit laid out the perfect plan.  He deployed a Mobile Micro Jump Unit.  Aligned, Looted and Escaped with billions in loot.  Op Success.

For a few seconds.

Gesundheit !

The looter Kuschelzeit found out the hard way.  Justice never takes Sundays off.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Freighter Warning: Scam Contracts through Kiainti System

Recently, there have been a rash of Hyperdunks and Scam Web Duels in the Kiainti system.

The Criminals Daidary Oriki and Literally Megan Fox have been issuing scam contracts with collateral in excess of 2 Billion ISK.

Hit-me-with-a-brick In-the-face is the pilot who has posted these scam contracts in the Hauler channel

The freighter pilot victims then are met in the 0.5 sec security system of Kiainti by the Machariel Bumpers Jessie Janau and Daidary Oriki 

At that point, the freighter is convo'ed by Zelendia Fundy - last seen flying a Vigil - offering to duel and provide web to escape.   Once the freighter pilot accepts, Zelendia then returns in a Talos and destroys the freighter.

If the duel is not accepted, a Hyperdunk is then setup and the freighter is pushed off grid by the Machariels, and the freighter is destroyed by the gankers Ryvarant , Josh Tsutola.

Literally Megan Fox and Hit-me-with-a-brick In-the-face   also assists and ganks in limited capacity.

Kelvin Aramat is the owner of the Hyperdunk shuttles, and is believed to be the Bowhead pilot.

Scam Contract

Scam Contract

Scam Contract Victim
Screen Cap provided by Criminal

Kiainti Local