Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Scout-a-geddon

The Black Ops Team is hosting a contest for January - Scout-a-geddon

Kill Counter: 448


Clear the trade lanes of criminal ship & cargo scanning scouts, repeatedly, brutally, and without mercy... for Justice! ( and the haulers will thank you too )


Participants must be members of, and in good standing with, the High Sec Militia.

Participants must email  1Lt Aldo Raine to sign up.

  • It is recommended that participants create a vigilante alt (to avoid wardecs, handle KRs, etc.)
  • The Rules of Engagement must be signed and agreed to before a player may participate in the contest.

Upon sign up... 

  • participants will receive 'Aldo's Guide To All Things Bastardy', normally 18 isk in Jita bookstores, yours for free just for signing up.
  • participants will also receive 3 Catalysts or 3 Thrashers, fully fitted and ready to go. You will also get access to the HSM Black Ops channel where you can get advice and find friends to fleet up with.

FC, Now what do?

  • Participants need to send killmails to 1Lt Aldo Raine to receive a replacement Catalyst or Thrasher.
  • Participants need to email  1Lt Aldo Raine when their security status drops below -2 so that they can be contracted free tags to repair it.
  • If you need help or have questions contact  1Lt Aldo Raine, Agosto Blonde, or Sako Kawasaki
  • As referee  1Lt Aldo Raine will not participate, though he may still blow stuff up. :)


For each scout kill the participant(s) will receive 1 mil isk bounty and a replacement Catalyst or Thrasher.
  • If you've fleeted up to kill a target the full bounty is given to each participant. 
  • This is to encourage teaming up to kill armored scouts and cruiser scouts. (the only exception to this is Bumping Machs, speak with 1Lt Aldo Raine for details).

Any participant that kills 100 scouts during the month will receive a PLEX.

The participant that gets the most number of scout kills will receive a Catalyst Inner Zone Shipping Skin (permanent).

The participant that gets the most number of pod kills will receive a Thrasher Blue Tiger Skin (permanent).

Participants that get second place in the above categories will get 100 mil isk.

The participant that kills the most expensive scout will get his kill featured on the HSM blog and will receive 250 mil isk.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Looter ALOD - Oprah's Billions

The looter Oprah Winfrey Show came to Niarja after a Goonie Bees gank fleet took down a Charon. She came looking for some billions from the freighter wreck, hoping to find loot, prizes and hot ISK.

She scooped the loot, but found herself at the end of a Militia point, and in the middle of a hornet's nest.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Courier Contract Scams - Azalopa Hekki of Wesho Industries

One of the primary careers in New Eden is that of the hauler.  These capsuleers help drive the economy of our cluster, by providing the physical link between the industrialists and the consumers at the major trade hubs.

Complicating their life is a criminal career con artist - the contract scammer.

The courier scam is a contract that requires an unusually high collateral payment, an unusually high reward payment, and a required m3 volume size that just so happens to force the hauler to use 2-3x cargo expanders, (Hollowing out the hull HP to a mere shadow of its former self).

A Machariel Bumper and the criminal Mercantile Club Bureau gank fleet then lays in wait on the courier route.

Our criminal scumbag of the day is Azalopa Hekki and his zombie corp Wesho Industries.

It is reasonable to say, that each time Wesho Industries closed its doors and reopened, it was to erase and whitewash the failed contracts from its contract history, so as not to alarm the next victim.

Fly Informed
Fly Vigilant
Fly Safe
High Sec Militia 

Monday, December 26, 2016

High Sec Missions - Fighting Crime

There are many careers and activities in high security space that capsuleers can pursue. One activity that is not widely advertised is the mission to fight crime.

Space crime takes many shapes and forms, and there are many different ships and fit variations to counteract each. But one constant is CONCORD's cash rewards to pilots who take up the good fight. 

CONCORD awards bounty payments for each criminal caught and interdicted on their behalf. The value of the bounty payment is proportional to the total bounty value that has been placed on the criminal clone and the value of the ship used to commit the heinous act.

In the span of 2 months, CONCORD awarded one militia pilot over 76 million ISK.  This combined with HSM bounty payments, at least doubled that amount.

Fighting crime will not make anyone a space billionaire.
However, you will fast earn friends and the trust of many capsuleers of New Eden.

And that, is priceless.

Date Type Bounty
2016.10.28 00:24:54 Bounty Prize 178,943
2016.10.29 20:35:12 Bounty Prize 437,993
2016.10.29 20:40:13 Bounty Prize 298,983
2016.10.31 00:40:24 Bounty Prize 38,443
2016.11.01 23:17:48 Bounty Prize 82,689
2016.11.01 23:22:48 Bounty Prize 61,698
2016.11.24 17:26:33 Bounty Prize 664,077
2016.11.25 16:18:48 Bounty Prize 3,278
2016.11.25 20:15:59 Bounty Prize 2,241,839
2016.11.25 21:03:38 Bounty Prize 322,166
2016.11.26 20:50:54 Bounty Prize 53,685
2016.11.29 01:36:21 Bounty Prize 415,740
2016.11.29 03:03:22 Bounty Prize 2,665,306
2016.12.03 00:51:19 Bounty Prize 658,525
2016.12.03 00:56:19 Bounty Prize 1,870,800
2016.12.03 03:48:55 Bounty Prize 10,202,987
2016.12.03 22:08:21 Bounty Prize 3,972,291
2016.12.03 22:34:35 Bounty Prize 844,160
2016.12.03 22:39:35 Bounty Prize 5,076,612
2016.12.03 23:28:58 Bounty Prize 16,365
2016.12.03 23:33:58 Bounty Prize 3,408,718
2016.12.04 14:35:15 Bounty Prize 688,726
2016.12.04 14:40:15 Bounty Prize 1,827,829
2016.12.06 00:24:59 Bounty Prize 301,839
2016.12.08 01:43:44 Bounty Prize 41,349
2016.12.08 01:48:44 Bounty Prize 120,970
2016.12.09 00:46:53 Bounty Prize 14,179,170
2016.12.09 03:23:12 Bounty Prize 3,533,152
2016.12.09 23:50:41 Bounty Prize 4,931,810
2016.12.10 00:33:59 Bounty Prize 2,662,389
2016.12.10 02:46:21 Bounty Prize 505,275
2016.12.10 03:34:48 Bounty Prize 508,993
2016.12.10 03:39:48 Bounty Prize 187,308
2016.12.10 03:47:32 Bounty Prize 28,434
2016.12.10 03:52:32 Bounty Prize 2,313,326
2016.12.10 23:45:17 Bounty Prize 1,076,309
2016.12.11 01:37:14 Bounty Prize 237,236
2016.12.11 02:03:09 Bounty Prize 355,934
2016.12.11 02:28:04 Bounty Prize 390,807
2016.12.11 02:57:05 Bounty Prize 297,758
2016.12.11 04:01:35 Bounty Prize 396,079
2016.12.11 04:06:35 Bounty Prize 164,675
2016.12.11 23:34:13 Bounty Prize 1,358,172
2016.12.13 04:08:40 Bounty Prize 92,299
2016.12.13 04:13:40 Bounty Prize 72,958
2016.12.14 02:31:48 Bounty Prize 1,060,925
2016.12.14 02:52:18 Bounty Prize 900,672
2016.12.17 13:19:40 Bounty Prize 41,518
2016.12.17 13:36:14 Bounty Prize 63,827
2016.12.17 23:43:29 Bounty Prize 31,032
2016.12.18 05:36:19 Bounty Prize 14,422
2016.12.18 14:30:45 Bounty Prize 499,167
2016.12.18 16:02:00 Bounty Prize 33,330
2016.12.23 02:03:57 Bounty Prize 702,907
2016.12.23 14:40:11 Bounty Prize 44,289
2016.12.23 23:49:22 Bounty Prize 21,805
2016.12.23 23:54:22 Bounty Prize 48,037
2016.12.24 13:20:19 Bounty Prize 92,481
2016.12.24 13:25:19 Bounty Prize 101,949
2016.12.24 13:38:22 Bounty Prize 140,575
2016.12.24 13:43:22 Bounty Prize 259,131
2016.12.24 17:13:34 Bounty Prize 89,950
2016.12.24 17:35:46 Bounty Prize 53,775
2016.12.24 17:57:50 Bounty Prize 59,038
2016.12.24 18:02:50 Bounty Prize 83,122
2016.12.24 18:24:03 Bounty Prize 47,533
2016.12.24 19:28:48 Bounty Prize 904,168
2016.12.25 19:54:42 Bounty Prize 178,776
2016.12.25 19:59:42 Bounty Prize 9,562
2016.12.26 12:07:36 Bounty Prize 629,995
2016.12.26 17:50:39 Bounty Prize 255,721

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Militia in the News: The Discourse - Highsec Custodians

The Militia was recently contacted by a journalist from ARC Studios, who requested an interview. The following was broadcasted on their network.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

2016 How the Grinch Stole Gankmas

H o w    t h e    G r i n c h    S t o l e    s


Conditions Apply:
  • Participants must be a member in good standing with the High Sec Militia.
  • Contest begins December 1st and ends December 31st. All dates and times are EVE Time.
  • All KMs earned must be against High Sec Criminals.

Fly Swatter award
Pilots with the most Thrasher KM totals will receive a Kitsune and 500M ISK.
2nd place will receive a Kitsune and 250M ISK
3rd place will receive 100M ISK  

Pied Piper award
Pilots with the most Catalyst KM totals will receive a Rook and 500M ISK.
2nd place will receive a Rook and 250M ISK    
3rd place will receive 100M ISK

Gate Keeper award
Pilots with the most Vexor KM totals will receive a Curse and 500M ISK
2nd place will receive a Curse and 250M ISK  
3rd place will receive 100M ISK

Defender award
Pilots with the most Battlecruiser KM totals will receive a Falcon and 500M ISK
2nd place will receive a Falcon  and 250M ISK  
3rd place will receive 100M ISK

Ranger award 
Pilots with the most number of solar systems where KMs were earned will receive a Pilgrim

Max Rockatansky award
Pilots with the most KMs will receive a Sentinel

The Astecus Challenge:   511/1000

The Astecus challenge
If the total number of KMs by militia members acquired during the month of December reaches 1000, all ISK prize awards will be doubled.

Good Luck, and Good Hunting!

And a special thanks goes out to all the Sponsors, who are making this contest possible.
You know who you are.

Stay Vigilant
Stay Frosty
Fly Safe

The High Sec Militia

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jita Local Scams, et tu, CCP?

Most people are aware that any contracts offered in Jita local are to be viewed as entertainment, and not as any serious offer.

It helps to take one's discerning eye and apply it to whatever market one might find themselves.

Friday, November 25, 2016

It burns when they PvP

Today's KM comes from the Jaschercis system where a New Eden Deplorable (NED) was plying his suspect ways.

The Militia found him, and applied the proper treatment and medication to his disease.

We hope it didn't burn too much.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Evil Clones, Deja Vu

Greetings High Sec Militia Members!

You may remember earlier reports, of assets and clones of an evil mind and force driving the CODE. alliance had been seized and confiscated by CONCORD. (loyalanon \ Wolf Soprano \ Sophia Soprano et all )

That foul and toxic demon returned with new clones (loyal anon \ Chapo Muerte \  Raven Montana \  Zaphia Soprano et all) and began a new siege upon high security space in our galaxy.

And once again, the complete toxicity of the foul mind behind these clones caused discord and strife within the ranks of CODE.

However, Karma, like Justice, prevailed in the end.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Two Years of Justice

"Woe unto the world because of offenses; 
for it must needs be that offenses come, 
but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh"

October 2016 marks the two year anniversary of the High Sec Militia!

During these two years 269 pilots have enlisted in the Militia with nearly 9700 killmails submitted.

In this timeframe, 196 Billion ISK of criminal assets have been interdicted with many, many miners and industrial haulers saved. Scores of freighters have been saved. And several looter-freighters and lesser-looter ships and Machariel bumpers have been turned into space wrecks. Below are the statistics for the two years.

Ship Type
Num of Ships
KM Values
Catalyst 6020 28851
Thrasher 853 2051.2
Talos 841 76947.4
Vexor 510 6945.6
Brutix 509 19073.8
Tornado 183 13924.3
Purifier 141 4553.5
Hound 91 3142.6
Heron 76 1809.8
Mobile Depot 34 13
Blackbird 26 612.2
Atron 26 42
Maller 26 408
Rupture 24 435.4
Machariel** 24 9280.8

Thank you, capsuleers of the Militia, for all your tireless and unrelenting efforts!

**Number of Black Ops participants who neutralized Machariels

Monday, September 26, 2016

Freighter Testimonials: A Charon in Perimeter


The other day, around 6 am New Eden time, I was hauling with my freighter.  In the Perimeter system on the Niyabainen gate, a Machariel started to target and bump me so I was unable to warp.

I called for help in the Anti-Ganking and Gank-Intel channels, and two brave pilots answered the call - Trantham Patton and Sir Frankfoot.

When the gankers came, I was saved by only these two pilots, with Trantham Patton in a repping armor and hull Nestor and Sir Frankfoot with an ECM griffin.

If it wasn't for them, I would have lost my charon and its cargo. They did an amazing job at keeping me alive while Concord did the rest.  I praise them for that.

Here is the generated kill rights to prove

Best Regards,
A Charon Pilot

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Not worth the paper it is written on

As most understand the mendacity of Jimmy Clown Shoes ...

... and his permits

... it remains a mystery of the Universe that a few pilots continue to succumb to the empty rhetoric and permit scams.

The Militia was investigating criminal activity in Otela, where they found Lawton and the Poddingtons active.

A Mackinaw was found in the asteroid belt, but it was determined that the pilot had unfortunately bought a permit.

Surely, having just so recently purchased the permit, no harm would come to this miner. 
Surely, the issuer of the permit would not so soon forget.

Meh ....

Naturally, there were excuses made for the sudden termination and revocation of the permit.

And the scam continued.

But the Militia remains hopeful and steadfast in the belief in Liberty and Freedom, and will continue to Serve and Protect the good capsuleers of New Eden.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Infinite Goon Monkey Theorem

A report in the Gank-Intel channel warned that  Niarja is hot... multiple machs on Madirmilire gate.

The Militia sent a scout to the area to check, and noticed a Goon Machariel heading in the same direction.  Nothing of note was on the Madirmilire gate, so the scout jumped into Niarja.

Indeed, there were two Machariels and several ships camping the gate.  However, it was the Mercenary group Free Candy Get In The Van Alliance.  The alert was canceled, and the trade lanes remained safe for the moment.

And then the Goon Machariel entered Niarja.

It has been said, that a monkey fitting ships at random for an infinite amount of time will almost surely fit the perfect ship, the likes of which that would cause the Hand of Bob to immediately nerf it.

This is not that ship.

If only Goonie Plarf had that 7th Inertial Stabilizer, he might have been safe.  
If only.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Viewpoint: The First Time

Impressions from a LogiBro's first call to arms fighting crime

It was strange, and something I can't understand to this day. Why would anyone gank the way I see being done? Freighters, miners, full ships, empty ships, mission ships, it didn't seem to matter.

Another aspect I didn't understand was the people who would try to stop them. Why bother? It would be like trying to catch the scurrying mice out in the field. There were so many places for them to hide. You could never stop them. Never catch them all no matter how hard you tried. And all the waiting? You could set up all you want, if they didn't come out of hiding, or didn't go the way you predicted, it was all for not.

I was even ganked a time or two. It didn't mean anything really. I make more than enough ISK to replace anything I fly. I gave information on the anti-ganking channel, told people about my experiences, who to avoid being ganked, how to make ships that were harder to gank. But still I shook my head at the idea of trying to actually stop a gank.

But, I'm not sure what was said, something that someone said in the channel, or maybe it was Jennifer en Marland, but I started thinking about fits that could be used to try and rep a ship, or perhaps catch a ganker at a gate.

I still scoffed at the idea of actually using them, of course, you'd have to be stupidly lucky to pull it off. And still, something just seemed to say 'Why not try?'

One day, on a whim, I decided to actually buy and fit an Osprey for Anti-Ganking use. To rep freighters being ganked. One day, I answered the call. I joined up with HSM, still unsure if what I was doing was wise. This couldn't be fun, not in the slightest. This wouldn't be productive.

I'm not sure I could have been more wrong.

Getting there, the anticipation of if I'd make it in time. Seeing what was going on, watching the movements, it was a bit like a dance.

Though the freighter was lost, and there are some serious questions as to if this was a gank, or if it staged, one thing was for sure. I'd tasted what it was like to make a combat plan, to engage in an effort of some measure of magnitude.

I saw that a difference can be made. I had to chuckle a bit, I'd dismissed how important and amusing it can be, this game of dog, cat, and mouse.

While I have a busy schedule, I'll definitely make time to show up with Anti-Ganking a time or two.

And if you, like I did, question if it is worth it, or if you can enjoy it, all I can say, is grab an Osprey, Crow, Kitsune, or other ship of the like, and give it a try.

A Private in the High Sec Militia

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ganker Fail: Not Paying Attention

While running errands, a militiaman noticed Caco De'mon and Duke Jivewalker in Villore.
Checking gankerlookout, it was confirmed that they had been hunting in the area.

Finishing his errands, the militiaman grabbed a nearby Falcon, and went hunting for them.

It just so happened they were on their way to a crime, as he landed on same gate, all travelling the same route, in the direction of the last crime location - Charmerout.

The criminals ended up turning and striking in Noghere.

While in route, the militiaman noticed a Mackinaw on DScan in Caslemon.  Having lost the trail,  he backtracked, found the Mackinaw, and perched on a tactical off the potential target.

The red flashing criminals and a flashing yellow suspect came back into the system.

The militiaman took note of the suspect pilot, as it was highly likely this was their scout and looter - Katty O'Malley

The Mackinaw came and went, but a Retriever took his place.
During that time,  Katty O'Malley remained in system.

If his suspicions were correct, Caslemon would be the next targeted system.

A call went out in Gank-Intel that a Charon was being bumped in Isanamo.

A hard choice needed to be made, to make the 11 jumps, or stay on grid.
Either one could be ganked  before he arrived, or while he was gone.

Choosing to take a chance, he tried to make it to Isanamo.
However, by the time he reached Uedama, the Charon had been ganked.  Luckily, Special Agent Loot Fairy did arrive in time.

Returning to Caslemon, he found his chosen ward, still safe.

Time passed and it appeared that no further crimes would be committed.

Jumping into Mesybier, he noticed the criminals were in the system,  They had been sitting in Villore earlier, several jumps away, and this seemed like a bad sign of things soon to come.

Racing back to the miner in the belt, he noticed an Imicus on short range DScan.

The Miner was still alone, with no one else on grid, but that Imicus was less than 1 AU away.
Soon,  Katty O'Malley warped to the belt, in that Imicus, and approached the miner.

Caco De'mon and Duke Jivewalker quickly entered the system.  Hitting DScan at ever shorter ranges, the criminals were tracked as they approached.

On Dscan

  • Got Permit?    Catalyst    -
  • The CODE always wins    Catalyst    -
  • .    Imicus    23 km
  • Ricardo Tora Retriever    Retriever    23 km

The red gankers landed on grid. Dropping his cloak, the militiaman fired up the twin sensor boosters, and spammed locked the criminals.

The miner was saved. - Save Mail: Ricardo Tora Retriever

The Answer?
Justice, like the HSM, was paying attention, the entire time.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Ganker Fail: Not Always Winning

Friday's action in Uedama by the HSM saw some early victories against CODE with the save of an Orca who began warping to planets and stations after the gank attempt. The Militia repaired its shields and armor, but could not get the last bit of his hull repaired as he was running scared, though he did finally escape the system.

A Russian Hyperion Battleship was saved on the Haatomo gate and repaired to full health.  After a Google Translate convo was had, the Hyperion stuck around the system to calmly and slowly salvage the ganker wrecks.

A second Orca was saved, and by then, the gank fleet focused squarely on the Militia, spending the time to warp about to get a good warp in.  Jennifer en Marland was targeted and hit twice (losing her ship), but the result was the Orca escaped while the criminals were bitter and raging.  

Many thanks to Jennifer for triggering criminals into red hot distraction!

From that point on CODE switched to much more expensive T2 fit ships, purifiers and talos.
CODE could not afford any more humiliation.

For the remainder of the night, the Militia fought hard, and [EDIT] 'really came close to saving a few more freighters', and fought until the gankers quit for the night.

Excellent work everyone!

And enjoy a freighter save video from the following night.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ganker Fail: Three Strikes

Private Paulus Titans noticed a Bastion alliance member in the Misneden system, who was +4.6 sec status (but you know how they are).   The only real target was a retriever in a belt, so he took up an optimal range perch on him.

A catalyst was on DScan, so he waited until the cat was on target before uncloaking.

Strike 1) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)

The ganker came back 2 more times to try to finish him off, but basically did the same thing each time - a swing and a miss.

Strike 2) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)
Strike 3) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)

Local Chat:
Paulus Titans  Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst) nice fail
Sheeth Athonille > meh, first try xD
Sheeth Athonille > figured that'd happen when I saw you on grid, but tried it anyway, about what was expected lol
Paulus Titans > yeah, sucks you not being -5 or less, have to decloak and wait
Paulus Titans > boy, i wish frank would wake up :)
Sheeth Athonille > yeah he's super afk lol
Paulus Titans > wow, your not kidding
Paulus Titans > mis is the most deadly system for gankers my friend
Sheeth Athonille > I've noticed xD

After Sheeth struck out, a Logibro was called in with a MedKit of drone reps and patched the miner back up to full health.

The miner then woke from his nap, noticed his cargo was full - and his hull suspiciously cleaned - and left for the station.  He did not notice the coupon left in his cargo hold.

And the Circle of Life in New Eden continued.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ganker Fail: Hug Reps

Sunday saw several bumpers out and about looking for hauler whales and dreaming of a huge payday.

The Machariel bumper pilot Frayn Bantam had taken up his post in Uedama.  The other two, Jin Kugu and Giblon Gevlin, were sitting on the Madirmilire/Niarja gates.

Jin Kugu found an Orca he really liked, and began bumping it off the Madimilire gate in Niarja.  The HSM and AG pilots responded and brought on grid a healthy dose of shield and armor reps.

The result?

Hugs and Salty Tears.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ganker Fail: Love Bumps

Specialist Kip Winger (Legion) and myself (Falcon) were on patrol in Niarja, as we had spotted a Tornado on the Kaaputenen gate, and a Vexor ganker ( Criminal: BIM BOOM BADABOOM ) in system, who was targeting the Madirmilire gate.

After activating BBB's 5M KR and chasing him away, we went into Madirmilire and spotted a bumped Fenrir ( Pilot: ALLTHEWAY ) who soon logged off.

Jin Kugu was the bumper and the Fenrir was soon aggressed.

22:17:01    Notify     BeepBeep Onzo, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
22:17:10    Combat    Warp scramble attempt from CONCORD Police Captain to BeepBeep Onzo (Blackbird)

The Fenrir warped to Ashab gate, and Jin followed.

I deployed combat probes on Niarja gate and waited for the Fenrir to return to the 1M km logoff point off the Niarja gate,

Kip and I landed near the Fenrir, as did Jin Kugu.

And then we waited.
And waited.

2 looters showed up in a freighter and an Impel

We waited some more.
We assumed Jin was on the gank batphone, calling for help.

The Fenrir had to be aggressed again by an Ibis.

22:30:01    Notify    Mayonaise Mayaki, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Private Fylth  was monitoring the situation in Kamio and noticed the number of Goonion Reds had grown to 18.

I switched to a bumper fit Omen and waited at the Niarja gate.

Fylth saw the undock...
[22:49:22] Fylth > purifiers and taloses
[22:49:28] Thomas en Chasteaux > ick
[22:49:34] Thomas en Chasteaux > rgr
[22:49:49] Kip Winger > oh boy
... and raced ahead of the fleet to point two of the Talos.

[22:50:58] Fylth > planning to take 2 out on kaap gate

He made good on his promise.

 Kill: BAE B PEW (Talos)

 Kill: Unfit ForDoody (Talos)

The fleet paused for a while, and did not enter Mad for some time.
The Fenrir had to be aggressed again.

[22:56:08] Kip Winger > Mayonaise aggressed again

Finally, the gank fleet entered Madirmilira, but through the Bahromab gate. (clever girls!)
I warped on grid with the Omen bumper, and gave it a gentle nudge.

[23:07:13] Kip Winger > nice bump Thomas

Still, they paused, and waited, then finally...

[23:09:17] Kip Winger > nothing on dscan yet.....
[23:09:52] Thomas en Chasteaux > concord pulled
[23:10:04] Thomas en Chasteaux > incoming

The Talos, Purifiersand Catalysts appeared on DScan.

The gank fleet landed, right after I gave the Fenrir one final gentle caress.  (overheated, of course)

The bump was good! The fleet was out of optimal range, and did not fire.
The gank fleet warped away, and then...

[23:10:59] Thomas en Chasteaux > YES!!!
[23:11:02] Kip Winger > did it dissapear
[23:11:05] Kip Winger > AWWWWWW YA!!!!
[23:11:19] Thomas en Chasteaux > Victory lap!
[23:11:25] Kip Winger > I recorded the whole thing!!
[23:11:27] Fylth > :)
[23:11:33] Thomas en Chasteaux > vrrromm

The Fenrir disappeared from grid.   It was saved.

As of 00:21, the pilot had not logged back on, although Jin Kugu awaited, cloaked on the last position of the Fenrir, skulking and grumbling.

Thanks to Kip and Fylth who helped make this save possible tonight!

Oh. And one more thing...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

July 2016 Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the July 2016 Independence Contest, which saw over 500 killmails and 7.5 Billion isk in criminals and looters caught.

In first place - Fire Grenadier Jennifer en Marland - Plex
In second place - Specialist Deveth Wareld - Skill Injector
[Tie] In third place - Lance Corporal Shelley Tortuga - 250 M isk
[Tie] In third place - Private [redacted] - 250 M isk

And congratulations to our two raffle Skill Injector winners: Jennifer en Marland and [redacted]

Thanks to everyone who helped bring Justice to High Sec Space,
saving Miners, Haulers, Freighters, and even AFK/APing Mission Runners on the move.

See you next time on grid!


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Looter ALOD: Little Itty, Big Dreams

The Goon gank fleet, led by Warr Akini, was active and based in Safshela.  A freighter had just been ganked next door in Palas, and someone with hopes and dreams of a brighter future was waiting for his big moment.  The freighter wreck was there, burning, yet shiny and full of promise.

Welp, he's still waiting.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Burn Jita July 2016: The Highlights

Earlier this week, Spectre Fleet scheduled a Burn Jita event for Saturday July 30th.  The HSM, alongside friends and allies, issued a Call To Arms, positioned assets for SRP, and prepared for a very hot and long day.

Welcome to the HSM Anti-Burn Jita 2016 Fleet May Bob smile on you ... in the good way.

Intel quickly established that gank streaming was available, so we fleeted up and grabbed the popcorn.

It was soon determined that not enough numbers showed up for a Jita gank fleet, so the event was moved to Uedama, where less CONCORD resistance would be met.

  • MonkeyBusiness Thiesant > oh, burnjita is up?
  • MrPurzl > better call it burn "uedama" :D

The Militia followed, and so too did many others.

The Machariel bumpers were:

The first gank attempt in Uedama against a Charon ended in failure.  The Charon was repped to full health, and safely left the system.

Then Bob's invisible hand stretched forth and touched someone, twice, inappropriately. When the pod exploded, we all knew, it was a message from HIMSELF.

In the chaos, we didn't notice, but hoped Zeproc fired off a final salvo of those Festival Launchers as he experienced his own personal Rapture.

Everyone agreed - criminals and militiamen alike - that we had just witnessed Bob's Miracle, akin to the first rainbow, and knew the event's end must be drawing nigh.

Shortly thereafter, one empty obelisk was lost to the Burn Jita gang, but the fleet soon evaporated, much as it had formed.

With the Burn Fleet standing down, the reviews and feedback began pouring in.

  • Edwin Niwde > heard you have a gankfleet going?
  • neo exmachina > i think it got disbanded after it got smoked up when trying to gank a charon
  • Edwin Niwde > lel
  • Edwin Niwde > ganking too easy
  • Edwin Niwde > nerf
  • Gandarh > so gank fleet already down?
  • Gandarh > that was quick

  • Ulon Naus > lol did the gank fleet already end?
  • Ulon Naus > that was quick
  • Richard Annages > ive been up for 25 hours......
  • Richard Annages > fuck my life
  • StarLite > Richard Annages , you need to stay awake some more for yellow fleet
  • StarLite > ;)
  • Richard Annages > ik
  • Richard Annages > thats why im still awake
  • Richard Annages > i stayed up all night to FC the gank fleet
  • StarLite > good boy :)
  • Richard Annages > i got 2 2's from the gank fleet.......... but they didnt actually say anything i did wrong
  • Richard Annages > they just called me retarted........

Special thanks to all who fleeted up, and chased the Burn Something Something Fleet around High Sec space.  And a very special thanks to HIMSELF, who chose to bless our gathering, by annointing us with Machariel and Snake dust.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

High Sec Mission: Therapist Malpractice

Good Evening Agent of CONCORD

There are recurring incursions in High Sec centered on Sivala and Uttindar.
The gang is a criminal Thrasher Trio:

They employ two scouts to watch the primary ingress and egress gates:

The victims are primarily capsules, shuttles, and small ships, although industrial haulers are not immune.

When Sivala is under siege by this criminal gang. Doom and Angel will sit in Hatakani on the Sivala gate and in Uedama on the Sivala gate, both scanning for victims.

When Uttindar is under siege, Doom and Angel will sit in Hek on the Uttindar gate and in Bei on the Uttindar gate.

This strategy allows for either gate to be the location of the next gank and means both gates must be covered.

Once a potential target is chosen, the scout will follow the target into Sivala/Uttindar and provide warp-in and loot the wreck, if any.

The gank fleet almost always consists of Thrashers or Catalysts, although Therapist will occasionally fly a Rupture or Thorax.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to increase the failure rate of this criminal gang, and add risk to their looting.  Fast locking ships are suggested and Electronic Warfare is highly recommended.

How you complete this mission is up to you.

As always, should you or any of your team be caught or killed, CONCORD will disavow any knowledge of your actions, though your ships may be covered by SRP.

This holodisc will self-destruct in five seconds.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

High Sec Mission: Kusion Incursion

Kusion Runners

Good Evening Agent of CONCORD

There is a recurring incursion in High Sec centered on Uedama and impacting the surrounding systems of Sivala, Ikao, Juunigaishi and Haatomo.

There is a criminal gang family of clones. The family name is Kusion.  Recently a second criminal gang family has joined them, and goes by the name of Maori.

A scout named Milky Penguin flying a Heron will sit in Sivala on the Uedama gate.  Milky scans incoming freighters, haulers and battleships.  

If the potential target is autopiloting, carrying valuable cargo, or expensively fit, that ship is in extreme danger.

Meanwhile, the looter, Daxter Alabel, flying a Bustard, will either scan for targets in Ikao on the Uedama gate, or sit cloaked below the Sivala gate.

Once a potential target is chosen, Milky will follow the target into Uedama, and determine which gate the soon-to-be victim warps to (Haatomo, Ikao, Juunigaishi)

Depending on the target, the gank fleet may consist of Catalysts, Thrashers, Vexors, Purifiers or Hounds.  At this point, the signal is given and the Kusion clan undocks from the Lai Dai station in Uedama, warps to an insta-undock, then heads to the gate to wait for their victim.

Once the target is chosen, and the fleet begins to warp to the gate, Milky will warp ahead, then hug the victim, acting as a warp-in for the gank fleet.  Daxter will follow and hope the Loot Fairy is AFK.

Once the victim's ship has popped, Daxter will warp and land on the victim's wreck. Using the fleet hangar, Milky will loot and transfer the cargo to the awaiting Bustard's hold.  Milky then quickly warps away, and Daxter will trollboat around, picking up the modules dropped by the gank fleet.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to increase the failure rate of this criminal gang, and add risk to their looting.

Some may choose to be the quicker looter, denying the Kusions any financial reward. Others may choose to rep the victims, denying the gank, or jam/scram/dampen/shoot-in-the-clone-face against the fleet- thus preventing the gank.

How you complete this mission is up to you.

As always, should you or any of your team be caught or killed, CONCORD will disavow any knowledge of your actions, though your ships may be covered by SRP.

This holodisc will self-destruct in five seconds.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bumper ALOD: Luciana AFK Green

Luciana Green was in her Machariel, camping the Ikao gate in Uedama.  And by camping, we mean sitting dead-still for quite some time.

The Black Ops team decided that Luciana had been napping for too long.

First, they tried a gentle nudge and bump, pushing her away from the gate. She did not awaken.

Next, they splashed some water on her face.

That did not work.

Then, they tried an air horn.

That did the trick!

Later, Luciana arrived back in Uedama, with another Machariel named 'Again'.

We're not sure if she meant "Not Again", or was hoping for another visit from the team.

In either case, Luciana was not seen by a gate for the remainder of the night.  But we were quite certain she appreciated the wake up call.

Special thanks to the elite PVP Black Ops team members.

  • Jennifer en Marland
  • Slania Auduin
  • Agosto Blonde

Militia Boot Camp: Day Six - Ice Guardian

Private Newbro! You're not humping turtles, give me a real push up!

Private!  Today you will be heading into the ice anomalies.  

Your ship will be the Caldari Falcon.
Your optional ships are the Basilisk or Scimitar.  When properly skilled and fitted, both are Cap Stable.  Perma-MWD around the ice like a boss!

Suggested Fits:

[Basilisk, Basilisk HSM]
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Shadow Serpentis 50MN Microwarpdrive

Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Light Shield Maintenance Bot II x5
[Scimitar, Scimitar HSM]
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II
Damage Control II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Shadow Serpentis 50MN Microwarpdrive

Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Ancillary Current Router II

Light Shield Maintenance Bot II x1
Medium Shield Maintenance Bot II x4

In Asteroid belts, miners can migrate and move from belt to belt, making it harder for criminals to track and find them.  However, the ice belts are few and far between.  When the ice is available, there are only few places to be found.

Due to the greater value of this resource, and the greater vulnerability, miners normally tank-up and fly procurers and skiffs.  But for a few lost souls, they choose to fly mackinaws, hulks, retrievers and coveters and are the first to be targeted and hunted.

These ice fields may also be where you first experience the large gank blobs.

If the criminals are operating in the usual solo or small teams, the Falcon will serve you well.  Once the criminals number 5 or more, the Falcon will not be capable to stop them all - there is just not enough mid slots for jammers, and you should consider switching your tactics to repping the miner.

Mining barges and Exhumers are shield tanked, so your choice in Logistics should be the Basilisk or Scimitar.

Much like the asteroid belts, the criminals will be using either visible scouts or combat probes.

With the Falcon, you will need to be at the upper limits of your optimal range, to avoid becoming the secondary target.  You must always be cloaked to avoid becoming the primary target.

With the Basilisk or Scimitar, you must constantly be on the move using your Afterburner or Microwarpdrive.  Orbit the suspected target and be ready for the ganker blob.  Out in the open, you will always be a potential target.  Speed is your only tank.

Watch DScan.  Eight combat probes within 5 AU of the ice is a sure sign that catalysts will be coming.   Be on the lookout for known scouts sidling up next to potential targets.

If these are ice fields you normally patrol, then get to know the miners, open a dialogue and fleet up.

Now get out there, Private, and save someone's day.