Friday, October 5, 2018

Bumper ALOD: The gist of heglis

Uedama was awash in criminals recently, but something was different.

Lorwynn Falconwind had returned from an extended excursion into Jovian space, to FC a fleet of eager lads who were seeking their own adventure.

It just so happened, they wanted to know what was inside heglis.  They wanted to know what drove him to bump freighters for CODE.

Aside from the MWD, there just really wasn't much substance to be found inside heglis. He was just another hollow shell, just another meat puppet for crime.

video of the medical examination

Dr Boriz inserts the probe

The team remains undeterred, and will continue to dissect heglis, repeatedly if necessary, until the mystery is solved.

Many thanks to: 
  • Lorwynn Falconwind for leading the choir of death.
  • Eskati Dethahal for the mighty Final Blow
  • Naitch for the foresight to fly an Oracle
  • and to Ludros Sarain, Boriz Nakrar, Yittri Sazas and Javer Mieyli for adding to the chorus of explosions.