Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bumper ALOD: Nice Things

A Machariel bumper was spotted far off the Sivala gate in Uedama, sitting still. The militia kept a wary eye on him, as he sat there.

As the pilot seemed all too complacent, some calls were made and a Black Ops Team was assembled. Meanwhile, a cloaked warp in was put into position.

Criminals and their bumper accomplices are one of the reasons New Eden capsuleers cannot keep their nice things.

Berry Nice thought he found a safe place to park and go AFK.  Instead, he found that the river of fate suddenly overflowed its banks, and swept him downstream to the roaring falls of Justice.

[01:01:44] Slania Auduin  Kill: Berry Nice (Machariel)  Kill: Berry Nice (Capsule) Justice prevails \o/ no freighter bumps for you
[01:02:50] Tekk Clone03  Slania Auduin congrats guys
[01:04:46] uninstall 01 > whoa i was afk
[01:04:48] uninstall 01 > gj
[01:04:56] uninstall 01 > also you spend more to gank it then you killed
[01:04:58] uninstall 01 > but gj
[01:06:43] Slania Auduin > no we didnt :D
[01:06:52] Slania Auduin > but thanks ;)
[01:08:01] Brad Neece > i made profit ;/
[01:08:06] uninstall 01 > what is insurance
[01:08:12] Mythradites > =1
[01:08:13] uninstall 01 > what is basic game mechnaics
[01:08:16] Mythradites > +!
[01:08:18] Mythradites > +1
[01:08:20] Mythradites > balls
[01:08:25] Mythradites > in the court
[01:08:27] Brad Neece > ganking for profit?
[01:08:28] Mythradites > +1
[01:08:31] Mythradites > -0
[01:08:36] Mythradites > 8====D
[01:10:00] Slania Auduin > but the mach km is worth more than we lost...
[01:10:14] Slania Auduin > and not everything is about isk anyway :D
[01:10:28] Brad Neece > pew pew pew
[01:10:39] Slania Auduin > pew pew pew!
[01:12:03] uninstall 01 > ya jf
[01:12:05] uninstall 01 > gf

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bumper ALOD: Silver Linings

One of our Black Ops members found a Machariel fit for criminal acts.  Thankfully, they found the silver lining in that criminal space cloud, and collected a handsome bounty.

The bumper Sil Ver had hoped exploding freighters would rain ISK down upon his head.
Instead, he found a hailstorm of Justice.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ganker Scout ALOD: Downward Slope

The criminal scout Slope Codie was scanning ships and cargo at the Kamio gate in the Kaaputenen system.  Justice arrived, and things went downhill for Codie from there.