Sunday, June 18, 2017

Criminal ALOD: And the Empress smiled and nodded quietly

A few nights ago, Militia members went hunting for a Tornado ganker who perches on the Amarr trade hub.  A 0 isk kill right was gifted to the HSM, and we were eager to put it to good use.

Armand Patrouette  Sarah Flynt and myself were several jumps ahead, while Cochise Chiricahua was some jumps behind, catching up.

The plan was simple: Land at the station. Lock the Tornado, Activate KR, Fire.

However, as we landed,  AxleTC OTW was already flashing suspect. Seeing how the invisible hand of the Welp God was already at work, we fired. We were not within the best optimal range, and the Tornado quickly docked up - minus his shields.

As we were in a limited engagement timer, Sarah and myself warped to a safe spot, while Armand stayed behind.

With a fresh pair of pants, and a different ship, AxleTC OTW undocked and engaged Armand with a Hyperion - a flashing yellow suspect Hyperion.  Armand then docked up.

It was at that point, that  Cochise Chiricahua landed in his Talos, saw the suspect AxleTC ... and just began madly blasting away.

The team came for a Ganknado KM, but walked away with a Hyperion KM.

The Amarran Empress smiled on the Militia that day.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Milestone Competition

Greetings High Sec Militia Members!

In celebration of a major milestone, we held a competition that began April 15th and ended May 31st.

Prizes : 1 Billion ISK
To any pilot who brings in:
a sum of KMs  with a total KM value greater than 1 B isk

Prize : 800m ISK
To any pilot who brings in
a sum of KMs with a total KM value greater than 800 Million isk  (but less than 1 B)

Prize : 600m ISK
To any pilot who brings in
a sum of KMs with a total KM value greater than 600 Million isk  (but less than 800 M)

Prize : 400m ISK
To any pilot who brings in
a sum of KMs  with a total KM value greater than 400 Million isk  (but less than 600 M)

Congratulations to our winners!

PIlotKM ISK Values ISK Reward
Grand Design2343.71B
Shelley Tortuga1729.91B
Armand Patrouette1399.71B
Eden Jayne Quiggins1208.11B
Eskati Dethahal11031B
Jennifer en Marland1062.31B
Syn White670.7600 M
Saber Ding575.9400 M
Gordain Estemaire573.3400 M
Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette562.2400 M

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Scout ALOD: Snakes on the Pod

A Militia member was on patrol in the Kamio Ice, monitoring the situation as a few high value mining ships were in the belt.

A Heron piloted by Robert Newmark warped to zero in the Ice Anomaly and sat there. And sat there some more.

Robert is a well known scout for the career criminal Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri.

The Militia pilot made a few calls to the Black Ops team, and Agosto Blonde arrived to issue the unauthorized parking ticket.

Robert recognized his mistake, but still didn't understand that it was a higher order, a higher code of conduct that resulted in the loss of his snakes.  It was the Code of Justice.