Sunday, June 18, 2017

Criminal ALOD: And the Empress smiled and nodded quietly

A few nights ago, Militia members went hunting for a Tornado ganker who perches on the Amarr trade hub.  A 0 isk kill right was gifted to the HSM, and we were eager to put it to good use.

Armand Patrouette  Sarah Flynt and myself were several jumps ahead, while Cochise Chiricahua was some jumps behind, catching up.

The plan was simple: Land at the station. Lock the Tornado, Activate KR, Fire.

However, as we landed,  AxleTC OTW was already flashing suspect. Seeing how the invisible hand of the Welp God was already at work, we fired. We were not within the best optimal range, and the Tornado quickly docked up - minus his shields.

As we were in a limited engagement timer, Sarah and myself warped to a safe spot, while Armand stayed behind.

With a fresh pair of pants, and a different ship, AxleTC OTW undocked and engaged Armand with a Hyperion - a flashing yellow suspect Hyperion.  Armand then docked up.

It was at that point, that  Cochise Chiricahua landed in his Talos, saw the suspect AxleTC ... and just began madly blasting away.

The team came for a Ganknado KM, but walked away with a Hyperion KM.

The Amarran Empress smiled on the Militia that day.


Cochise Chiricahua said...

Point of Order: Technically, kill rights can't be made available to the HSM since we're not a corporation. In this case, a generous gank victim made the 0 KR available to The Inglourious Bastards. Same result tho!

Kip Winger HSM said...