Saturday, August 29, 2015

Space Impatience

Some days, one can barely get out of the Captains Quarters with your pants on to respond to news that criminals are self-immolating in your system.

Within the criminal underworld, there apparently are some just as eager to rush to the scene of the next crime.

Consider HSM Case File  #48758854

Mr Pumo, widely known to militia members as the minion of space criminal AeleDeux, was in such a hurry for his CONCORD self immolation, that he missed an important step in his daily routine.

Undock. Lock. Explode.

Normally, one has a sneaking suspicion that something is awry, that sixth sense that nags at the back of one's clone brain, that something is just ... not ...  right.

We hope our dear Mr Pumo had his epiphany right before he felt the cold embrace of Space Justice.

Pantless. In. Space.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Criminal ALOD: Strange Pinatas

Cases of Space Madness continue to spread throughout the criminal world as another looter mistook High Sec space for "Safe Space".

Consider HSM Case File #48454730

Most of you know that Wolf Soprano is the scout/bumper/looter for the CODE leader and FC loyalanon.

But what many did not know, that inside this Soprano clone, lay a dark secret.

We applaud Wolf Soprano's courage for coming out of the Space Closet to glitter bomb Madirmilire. 

Shine on, you sparkly devil, shine on!

Wolf's Secret Love: Space Glitter