Sunday, December 31, 2017

Machariel ALOD: Divine Winds

We were alerted to the presence of a newer gank fleet in Niarja, composed of Talos. We headed over there to investigate and see what could be done to stop their next crime.

Absalon Sea - Charon Looter
soukyuu imai - Machariel Bumper

Talos Gank Fleet

  • Asakaze nidai 
  • Asanagi nidai 
  • Harukaze nidai  
  • Hatakaze nidai 
  • Hayate nidai 
  • Kamikaze nidai 
  • Matukaze nidai  
  • Oite nidai 

Would it be EWAR and ECM? Logi Reps?  How would we stop the next freighter bump and gank?  We decided on a more direct and straight forward "special attack unit" approach.

Hours later, we spotted soukyuu in a Typhoon with the gank fleet again. We rushed back over there, but they dispersed quickly.  We hoped for a Typhoon ALOD, but there are always second chances.

Special thanks to Senior Specialist Grand Design, AG Helen Mary Leese,  and AG Magic Gemulus. Thank you for your dedicated service to fighting crime in High Sec Space, and your Kamikaze spirit for Justice.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Looter ALOD: Lyse BoloChews

An Ark was ganked in  Iyen-Oursta by a combined criminal fleet of Maoris, Kusions, and the Tax Collectors.

Of the 30 Billion ISK value of the Ark and Cargo, 17 B was destroyed.

The frantic looting began, and so did the righteous shooting.

In the local channel, it was obvious Lyse didn't appreciate the turn of events.

Sometimes, in the the dark and entropic gank clouds, you find a silver lining.  In this case. the warm, smiling visage of the Loot Fairy.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Machariel ALOD: Monster of Essence

New Eden has the uncanny habit of bringing out the monsters that lurk inside of humanity. A few miners are a just little too possessive of asteroid and ice belts.

Monstrosity found a small niche career as a hired bumper for one of these greedy capsuleers, and was harassing other miners in the system of Ignebaener.

Fortunately, there is another niche career.

A special thanks to the Tea and Toast crew who have taken up a rewarding career of monster slaying.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Freighter Save - Juunigaishi

While miners provide the life blood of any space economy, it is the haulers that deliver and spread these nutrients across the entire galaxy.

And like any organism, there are space  viruses that seek to attack and destroy the peaceful workers and industrialists of New Eden.

Fortunately, there are anti-bodies to this scourge of the galaxy - the Anti-Gankers of High Sec.

Special thanks to Senior Specialist Grand Design of the HSM for taking the time to record and post the video.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Machariel ALOD: Perfect Justice

Most miners are laid back and easy going.  They enjoy a quiet life of lasers and the never ending sound of grinding rocks.  Hearing loss may explain why gankers find it so easy to sneak up on them.

It's a simple life that forms the basis for space civilization.  No Rocks, No Ships. No Pew.

However, there are a toxic few who seek to own some high sec belts, and are willing to pay criminals and gangsters to clear out the competition.

One paid Machariel hired thug was in Aydoteaux doing his dirty work, and apparently decided to take a long break.

But the one thing in High Sec that may often be delayed, but never takes a break, is Justice.

A special shout out and a hearty thanks goes to Tea and Toast, for their dedicated service to High Sec Space. Thank you for serving Justice to those who refuse to embrace the Liberty and Freedom of others.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Looter ALOD: Lost it Twice

The Tornado Ganker Pudding-Pop thought he scored a valuable kill when his looter swooped in and scooped the loot from the wreck.

However, his looter poopshoop69090901289374 Muutaras  (seriously?) discovered that ganking is easy, but looting is hard.

Having been caught red handed, poopshoop' noticed a Crane dropped in the loot he fail-carried ...

... and thought he could make good his 2nd attempt at escaping.

Given his spur of the moment planning, things didn't turn out well.

Militia Member Sergio Galente continually demonstrates to criminals that the Loot Fairy isn't the only cold and unforgiving force at work in the Universe.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Potato Jimmy 315, Always

Intel reported that the long lost Kusion ganker clan, who had gone missing for 5 months had returned, and was spotted in a Purifier fleet moving from Isanamo to Uedama.

Again, inspiration was drawn.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ecce Ganky

A thrice banned deplorable criminal has returned to the galaxy.
This event inspired someone, creatively.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hauler Save: Isanamo Save Mail

They say Patience is a Virtue.  In space, I would add "Cloaking" as well.

As part of the Militia Boot Camp series - Day 4, here is a video that demonstrates it.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Looter ALOD: The Science of Justice

The ancient sanskrit texts Vaimānika Śāstra are believed by some to be a treatise on aerospace technology - the "science of aeronautics". More likely, they are the vivid imaginations of someone who dreamed of being a capsuleer, soaring between the heavens in implausibly space worthy Minmatar ships.

While scholars look back on these early fantasies and pseudo-science, we are reminded that there remains one constant thread that binds us to our ancestors - the passion to dream, and reach out beyond the stars, to achieve heights and accomplishments unknown to those who remained prisoners of gravity and of their own minds.

One other binding thread is greed.  And Kxe Kxe's insatiable lust for other people's treasures knows few bounds.  Kxe Kxe loots for the Tornado ganker kali laska.  

But Kxe found a hard boundary the other day, and his name is Sergio Galente.

For those of us guided by far better stars, we see the ancient truths within the heavens, and find great wisdom in that greater constellation of Justice.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Looter ALOD: Love Me Points

Mic Warkor loves to hunt industrial haulers in Urlen on the Perimeter gate in his Tornado.  His looter is LoveMe and flys an Iteron Mark V.

Mic thought he hit the jackpot, when he took down a hauler recently.

But Justice, like Love, always finds a way.

Special thanks again to Militia Member Sergio Galente who continues to remind criminals that Law and Order is the one, true Sov holder of High Security Space.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Looter ALOD: Little Mistakes

It is an unfortunate aspect of humanity, that while the majority of capsuleers are good, honest, hard working folk, there lurks those in the shadows who are lazy, and prey upon others, seeking to profit off of everyone else's hard labor.

They take the easy and low road.

Thankfully, there are those who patrol and hunt down these criminals, along with their accomplice looters.

Lilliahn assumed he could scoop the loot and ship skins and get away, like he had many times before.

But, little mistakes were made.

and then a fistful more.

Lilliahn lost his loot, his ship, and left the Elonaya gate grid littered with his teeth and implants.

We're not sure why he needed a boost to his Torpedo damage, while flying a Hexa-Stabbed Occator.
But since he lost his memory augmentation implant, we doubt he remembers why, either.

Special thanks to Militia Member Sergio Galente, for reminding Lilliahn that Rewards come with Risk.  And Rewards that belong to someone else, come with Great Justice.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Machariel ALOD: Swizzle Sticks

We welcome the Machariel bumper "T-Swizzle" to our Hall of Justice board. He came to Sivala looking for Fortune, but found Fame and the Cold of Space, instead.  Well done, Swizzle!, well done.

Oh. Play it cool. Play it cool. Here come the space cops.
Wanna be in Orbit. Space orbit. In my space suit.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Looter ALOD: The Ittys of Sisyphus

Gogela was in his Tornado and camping his usual spot - the Jita gate in Perimeter.

Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette and I decided to interrupt his profiteering off the haulers.

However, Gogela and his looter - Miyammato Musashi - were persistent, increasing their warp core stab fits, but it wasn't enough.

[02:31:33] Miyammato Musashi > failed twics. ouch
[02:31:37] Miyammato Musashi > gf
[02:33:17] Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette > gf

[02:31:57] Thomas en Chasteaux > 5 wcs this time.  up from 3
[02:32:09] Thomas en Chasteaux > don't tell him I have 8 scram
[02:32:10] Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette > /emote bursts out laughing.
[02:32:17] Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette > Not a chance.

But it didn't end there.

He was dropping his loot for his MTU to pick up.
We fixed that.

He tried evacuating his loot.

Max had to dock up and drop off the salvaged loot in between attempts.

Over 2.8 Billion Looter ISK was intercepted/destroyed and intercepted again by our tag team of Point + DPS.  

We contracted back to the previous victims everything we could salvage.
We achieved nearly 3 billion total in loot and ship KMs, with just two pilots, in the right place, at the right time.

So get out there and make all the difference in the Universe.
You just might ruin a criminal's day, and rescue a hauler's day from the jaws of defeat at the same time.

Fly Vigilant
Fly Fearless

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Travel - EVE Gate: There and Back Again

I took some time to make a pilgrimage to the EVE Gate.

A structure is there, currently the closest location to the famed closed wormhole.   (Raiteru) New Eden - Observation Point (Obfuscation and Reflections)

There is one other  structure New Eden - The Farthest Shore (Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque), but some 28 AU distance away, closer to the lone stargate to this system.

Enjoy a moment of Space Zen.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Criminal Failure: Australian Excellence in Defeat

The Tax Collector criminal gang were stationed in Uedama, looking to steal freighter cargo. They had a Machariel - HSM Bumplord Rusell - stationed on the Uedama/Sivala gate.

As the Uedama situation was watched and monitored, they were able to intercept and steal cargo from a freighter in Niarja, using a second Machariel.
Of course, they thought they were very sneaky and clever, and started flapping their arms and shaking uncontrollably in Local.

This Machariel in Niarja was piloted by NoMercy Gaust.

Bumps were happening off and on in both Sivala and Niarja, with Bumplord appearing lazy and not too interested.  He would bump once or twice, give up and slow boat back to the gate.

Finally, a persistent bump on a Charon was reported in Niarja, and the Militia moved to intercept the gank fleet in Kamio.

A GF was issued in local... but,  it was met only with silence.
Which was odd, because they couldn't stop talking just a minute earlier.

But there was no time to dwell on such things.  A Charon needed to be saved!

The gank fleet (minus 2) landed on target in Niarja and... nothing.  The scene was a mix of flashing red, blue wrecks... and a lone Charon surrounded by the Militia and a very sorely gank-blocked Machariel.

The Failure Notification System activated, and a message relayed in local.

Again, you could hear a pin drop in the Australian Outback back on Earth, as the freighter was repped to full health across all bands of Hull, Armor and Shield.  The Tax Collectors did not return to Niarja for a second attempt, nor did they return to Uedama.  Instead, they logged off, without uttering another word.

Nevertheless, a Save Mail was generated, and good content was had by... most.. as the Charon warped freely away.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Criminal ALOD: And the Empress smiled and nodded quietly

A few nights ago, Militia members went hunting for a Tornado ganker who perches on the Amarr trade hub.  A 0 isk kill right was gifted to the HSM, and we were eager to put it to good use.

Armand Patrouette  Sarah Flynt and myself were several jumps ahead, while Cochise Chiricahua was some jumps behind, catching up.

The plan was simple: Land at the station. Lock the Tornado, Activate KR, Fire.

However, as we landed,  AxleTC OTW was already flashing suspect. Seeing how the invisible hand of the Welp God was already at work, we fired. We were not within the best optimal range, and the Tornado quickly docked up - minus his shields.

As we were in a limited engagement timer, Sarah and myself warped to a safe spot, while Armand stayed behind.

With a fresh pair of pants, and a different ship, AxleTC OTW undocked and engaged Armand with a Hyperion - a flashing yellow suspect Hyperion.  Armand then docked up.

It was at that point, that  Cochise Chiricahua landed in his Talos, saw the suspect AxleTC ... and just began madly blasting away.

The team came for a Ganknado KM, but walked away with a Hyperion KM.

The Amarran Empress smiled on the Militia that day.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Milestone Competition

Greetings High Sec Militia Members!

In celebration of a major milestone, we held a competition that began April 15th and ended May 31st.

Prizes : 1 Billion ISK
To any pilot who brings in:
a sum of KMs  with a total KM value greater than 1 B isk

Prize : 800m ISK
To any pilot who brings in
a sum of KMs with a total KM value greater than 800 Million isk  (but less than 1 B)

Prize : 600m ISK
To any pilot who brings in
a sum of KMs with a total KM value greater than 600 Million isk  (but less than 800 M)

Prize : 400m ISK
To any pilot who brings in
a sum of KMs  with a total KM value greater than 400 Million isk  (but less than 600 M)

Congratulations to our winners!

PIlotKM ISK Values ISK Reward
Grand Design2343.71B
Shelley Tortuga1729.91B
Armand Patrouette1399.71B
Eden Jayne Quiggins1208.11B
Eskati Dethahal11031B
Jennifer en Marland1062.31B
Syn White670.7600 M
Saber Ding575.9400 M
Gordain Estemaire573.3400 M
Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette562.2400 M

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Scout ALOD: Snakes on the Pod

A Militia member was on patrol in the Kamio Ice, monitoring the situation as a few high value mining ships were in the belt.

A Heron piloted by Robert Newmark warped to zero in the Ice Anomaly and sat there. And sat there some more.

Robert is a well known scout for the career criminal Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri.

The Militia pilot made a few calls to the Black Ops team, and Agosto Blonde arrived to issue the unauthorized parking ticket.

Robert recognized his mistake, but still didn't understand that it was a higher order, a higher code of conduct that resulted in the loss of his snakes.  It was the Code of Justice.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Machariel ALOD: Bling and Blunts

During the day, I was contacted by a freighter pilot, who had accepted a scam courier contract. He had tried to make the best of it, and timed his jump into the destination system near server downtime.

As anticipated. the Machariel Bumper was waiting for him on the other side of the gate and began bumping him. DT arrived and he was logged off safely before the gank fleet could arrive.

It was at that time he searched for help.

I gathered the system info, Machariel bumper info, freighter pilot name, and I contacted  Jennifer en Marland and requested her assistance in getting a fleet together to be staged in the Eitu system.

A rough plan was made, and put into action.

As expected, the freighter logged on, landed back on the gate and was immediately aggressed by a cheap scout, to prevent him from logging off again ,..

22:22:59    Notify    Caldari Citizen 34526534: You have foolishly engaged in criminal activity within sight of sentry guns and must suffer the consequences.
22:22:59    Notify    Caldari Citizen 34526534, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.

... and the Machariel pilot decloaked and began bumping.

And as Newton's Third Law states -for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction- our fleet commands rang out.

22:25:12    Notify    Jennifer en Marland, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
22:25:16    Notify    Syn White, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
22:25:21    Notify    Eden Jayne Quiggins, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
22:25:27    Notify    Alexander Kaan, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
22:25:33    Notify    Slania Auduin, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.

He was "inhaling", when he fitted this ship

Weed was trying to hold the smoke in, and could only utter a single sound ...

Just nod. We understand.

To date, this is perhaps the most expensive Machariel AG/HSM has brought to Justice .

The freighter warped away, docked up, and completed the scam courier contract.

Jita >> Eitu (1001580 m³) (Courier)   
"No Choco, thank you!!"

I promised Jen that the Mach Bounty would be doubled on Weed Probe for this operation,
and coupled with a generous donation by our very thankful freighter pilot
everyone received 300M payment for their dedication and sacrifice, heeding the call of duty
in their rescue of a fellow space traveler in desperate need.

Oh.  And CONCORD also thanked everyone as well.

2017.05.23 22:25:38    Bounty Prize    31,847,052 ISK    ... ISK    Thomas en Chasteaux got bounty prize for killing Weed Probe

Congratulations on a flawless and well executed rescue!

And thank each and every one of you for making High Sec Space a better place!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

War Stories: House of Salt

Hell House is a gank corp based out of Juunigaishi.  The Militia has been working to increase their failure rate, and they grew a bit salty about that.

So they WarDecced our Black Ops Corp, The Inglourious Bastards.

It didn't go well for them.

House of NaCl

Unfortunately the war ended, but the House kept burning...

Angels turn to pure salt when they die

Friday, April 28, 2017

Looter ALOD: The White Whale

The corp Save the Whales. had just ganked a Charon in Madirmilire, aided by their Machariel Bumper Grayson Gray and their assistant looter Silver Scarlett Scandles who flys a  Celestis.

Their freighter looter, Rebeka Athonille, swooped in for what she thought was a routine pick up.

But as it turned out, there were others hunting whales in the sea of Madirmilire, and she felt the barbs of more than a few harpoons sink deep.

Days later, she was harvested for the oil lamps of Justice once more.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Militia Milestones - 100

Recently, a capsuleer discovered the secret of the EVE Gate, and decided to leave New Eden and explore the galaxy beyond that ancient gate.  Nearly 37 Billion in assets were bequeathed to the High Sec Militia as his last will and testament.

In the process of selling these assets, the HSM has crossed a major milestone - over 100 Billion in ISK has been donated to the Militia over these years of operation. The grand total stands at 124 Billion today.

This does not include the Tens of Billions that have been donated and kept as assets.

It is because of Volunteers and Supporters that the light of Hope and Justice continues to burn bright in this cluster that we all call home.

And to the brave capsuleer who unlocked the EVE Gate secrets and ventures on his journey toward our ancestral home, the 150 ranking militia members, the 173 enlistees, and 57 Donors salute you and wish you a safe journey.

Fly Safe
-Thomas en Chasteaux

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bumper ALOD: Nice Things

A Machariel bumper was spotted far off the Sivala gate in Uedama, sitting still. The militia kept a wary eye on him, as he sat there.

As the pilot seemed all too complacent, some calls were made and a Black Ops Team was assembled. Meanwhile, a cloaked warp in was put into position.

Criminals and their bumper accomplices are one of the reasons New Eden capsuleers cannot keep their nice things.

Berry Nice thought he found a safe place to park and go AFK.  Instead, he found that the river of fate suddenly overflowed its banks, and swept him downstream to the roaring falls of Justice.

[01:01:44] Slania Auduin  Kill: Berry Nice (Machariel)  Kill: Berry Nice (Capsule) Justice prevails \o/ no freighter bumps for you
[01:02:50] Tekk Clone03  Slania Auduin congrats guys
[01:04:46] uninstall 01 > whoa i was afk
[01:04:48] uninstall 01 > gj
[01:04:56] uninstall 01 > also you spend more to gank it then you killed
[01:04:58] uninstall 01 > but gj
[01:06:43] Slania Auduin > no we didnt :D
[01:06:52] Slania Auduin > but thanks ;)
[01:08:01] Brad Neece > i made profit ;/
[01:08:06] uninstall 01 > what is insurance
[01:08:12] Mythradites > =1
[01:08:13] uninstall 01 > what is basic game mechnaics
[01:08:16] Mythradites > +!
[01:08:18] Mythradites > +1
[01:08:20] Mythradites > balls
[01:08:25] Mythradites > in the court
[01:08:27] Brad Neece > ganking for profit?
[01:08:28] Mythradites > +1
[01:08:31] Mythradites > -0
[01:08:36] Mythradites > 8====D
[01:10:00] Slania Auduin > but the mach km is worth more than we lost...
[01:10:14] Slania Auduin > and not everything is about isk anyway :D
[01:10:28] Brad Neece > pew pew pew
[01:10:39] Slania Auduin > pew pew pew!
[01:12:03] uninstall 01 > ya jf
[01:12:05] uninstall 01 > gf

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bumper ALOD: Silver Linings

One of our Black Ops members found a Machariel fit for criminal acts.  Thankfully, they found the silver lining in that criminal space cloud, and collected a handsome bounty.

The bumper Sil Ver had hoped exploding freighters would rain ISK down upon his head.
Instead, he found a hailstorm of Justice.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ganker Scout ALOD: Downward Slope

The criminal scout Slope Codie was scanning ships and cargo at the Kamio gate in the Kaaputenen system.  Justice arrived, and things went downhill for Codie from there.