Sunday, December 31, 2017

Machariel ALOD: Divine Winds

We were alerted to the presence of a newer gank fleet in Niarja, composed of Talos. We headed over there to investigate and see what could be done to stop their next crime.

Absalon Sea - Charon Looter
soukyuu imai - Machariel Bumper

Talos Gank Fleet

  • Asakaze nidai 
  • Asanagi nidai 
  • Harukaze nidai  
  • Hatakaze nidai 
  • Hayate nidai 
  • Kamikaze nidai 
  • Matukaze nidai  
  • Oite nidai 

Would it be EWAR and ECM? Logi Reps?  How would we stop the next freighter bump and gank?  We decided on a more direct and straight forward "special attack unit" approach.

Hours later, we spotted soukyuu in a Typhoon with the gank fleet again. We rushed back over there, but they dispersed quickly.  We hoped for a Typhoon ALOD, but there are always second chances.

Special thanks to Senior Specialist Grand Design, AG Helen Mary Leese,  and AG Magic Gemulus. Thank you for your dedicated service to fighting crime in High Sec Space, and your Kamikaze spirit for Justice.

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