Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Become a High-Sec Militia member

Are you ready ...
... to bring justice to high-sec space?  

Are you prepared ...
... to hunt high-sec criminals? 

Are you determined ...
...  to begin a career in anti-ganking?

The High Sec Militia is a neither a corporation, nor an alliance. It is an organization that targets gankers of any corporation or alliance who fly in high sec space.

If you join and become a Militia member:
  • You will earn military ranks and advancement based on accumulated KM ISK values.
  • Earn bounty rewards for each KM against gankers
  • Earn ship rewards for reaching milestones in your HSM career
  • Earn rewards for repping freighters
  • Have access to our SRP program
Why We Fight

If interested, send an EVEMail to Thomas en Chasteaux

Bounty Rewards for KMs start at 1 million ISK at the Private rank, and increase 100K for each advancement in rank.

The bounty generally applies to KMs of  the traditional ganker ships, (although not exclusively): Thrasher, Catalyst, Vexor, Maller, Talos , Brutix and Tornado of any corp or alliance in any High Sec space.  The KM must be against a criminal ( -5 or below security status ) or a pilot who has committed a crime where CONCORD responds.

Militia members are prohibited from ganking, unless prior approval has been obtained for a specific target for a specific operation.
  • 5 Million ISK signing bonus
  • Enlistment Rank: Private
  • KM Bounty 1M ISK per KM, increasing by 100K for each advancement in rank,
  • Ship or ISK awards at each rank advancement.
  • KMs using DPS must have damage greater than or equal to 35% to receive bounty and rewards.
Requirements:  Clones must be 3 months of age or older

Initial Ranks: 
  • Private 
  • Private First Class -  reward: Griffin
  • Specialist  - reward: Crucifier
  • Senior Specialist -  reward:  Nemesis
  • Corporal  - reward: Blackbird
  • Lance Corporal  - reward: Arbitrator
  • Command Corporal - reward: Kitsune
  • Grenadier - reward: Sentinel
  • Fire Grenadier - reward: Falcon

Monday, October 27, 2014

What is... MinerBumping

MinerBumping is a blog site dedicated to spreading a reign of terror in High-Sec Empire space. It revels in the destruction of ships and assets of the hard-working pilots of New Eden.

Ostensibly a project of the Goonswarm Ministry of Love, the blog is filled with doublethink and Goonspeak where serial killers and criminals are lionized as 'knights' and law-abiding pilots are labeled 'criminals'.

The CODE Alliance, headed by the ponzi scheme artist James 315 and self ascribed messiah, is alleged to be the primary author of much of the content, although there are many reports that most of the site is written by ghostwriters, as evidence by the varying writing styles and quality.

The CODE itself, is described as laws but written as an excuse to subjugate Empire space, and forcibly commit extortion and racketeering on all pilots.

The site desperately clutches to several fundamental "Big Lies" to justify criminal behavior and describes the criminal acts as noble. To do otherwise, would bring the entire quasi-religious edifice crashing down.

As a cultic messianic figure, James 315 uses the MinerBumping site to send dictats to spread murder and wanton destruction to achieve his and his Goonswarm masters goal - the turning of Empire Space into Renter Space, with all pilots paying taxes and swearing allegiance to them.

What is unknown is how the Empires feel about this. CONCORD, as pure bots, are programmed only to confiscate criminal ships used to commit crimes, but are forbidden to interfere in economic activity, whether obviously criminal or otherwise.

The goal of MinerBumping isn’t to make a point or to "save high sec". The goal is to sadistically harass and grief capsuleers and watch them squirm.
It happens over and over: CODE ganks and trolls a miner or hauler and gleefully watches as messages, EVEMails, and channels begin to fill up with rage.

What is clear, and is mentioned repeatedly in channels and forums, is the less highly publicized goal of permanently ending the careers of pilots, forcing them to give up and leave New Eden. (aka quiting)

MinerBumping delights in news of pilots leaving New Eden, which as Goonspeak, runs naturally opposed to the idea of saving High-Sec or EVE itself and is by design.

In many ways, MinerBumping is a closed-end ecosystem of bad internet tics and terrible debating tactics. The site brings together dedicated sadists, and it has captured an especially broad phylum of EVE trolls. The forum and comment sections are arsonist choirs.

CODE's so called version of emergent gameplay isn’t about gaming or creating content. It's about pure destruction and the evil intent behind it. It’s an embarrassment and open sore upon EVE.

Good gaming is about creation, wonder, and exploration.

But in MinerBumping and CODE, you find a bizarro land where Evil is Good, Murder and Mayhem is 'Content'[sic], and to save EVE everyone must quit... save for the scum and villainy of the universe.

Monday, October 20, 2014

High-Sec Miner Advisory Notice

Important info for High-Sec Miners

The following information is provided to help miners avoid being ganked in High Sec.

Criminals use scouts in asteroid and ice belts to find potential victims.  These scouts, whether alts or co-conspirators, prefer to fly innocuous ships such as Ventures, Mining Barges or Industrial Ships to not frighten or scare off their next victim. The higher skilled criminals will use cloaked ships, who you will never see on grid.

The criminal scout's tactics are to approach your ship to within optimal distance of the gank ship guns and ammo type. The scout will bookmark its position and then relay the information to the criminal ganker who is waiting at a station. The ganker will then warp in at zero to the scout location and gank your ship.  There is little chance of escape at that point and they will pod you.

There is no good reason why any unfamiliar pilot should approach your ship. If you witness this behavior, toward yourself or others, you must immediately go on high alert, warn the others in your fleet or in the belt, align your ship to your predetermined safe spot, and consider warping away either immediately, or soon thereafter.

Solo Gankers always target Retrievers, Covetors, Mackinaws and Hulks.  The reason for this is because they are difficult to tank and can be ganked with one catalyst. It is rare to see a Procurer or Skiff ganked, and if it happens, then it takes a small gank fleet.  The KM statistics alone prove that Procurers and Skiff are the safer option.

The High-Sec Militia provides Anti-gank fitting suggestions for

  • Ice Skiff
  • Ore Skiff
  • Ice Procurer
  • Ore Procurer
  • Orca

also more fits can be found here
With all those fits, make sure the Damage Control and Invulnerability Shield is always on.

The suggested Procurer fit is around 65,000 EHP and the Skiff 90,000 ( depending on skills ).  With that much EHP those are difficult to gank.  The Procurer/Skiff have the exact same yield as Retriever/Mackinaw plus they have a better speed / warp out time plus they both get 50% extra drone damage.

The primary consideration is risk and survivability.  Are you prepared, mentally and financially, for the significantly increased risk for a larger cargo hold?

The suggested Orca fit is around 420,000 EHP.  The damage control on that fit is ultra important because it adds 240% to the hull HP.  That fit will boost fleet yield, armor and shield resists.

Safety Tips

Add the Ganker, Corp and Alliance as a Contact and mark them as Terrible Standing so you know when they are in local.  So for instance it would be very beneficial to add CODE. which is the Alliance for a lot of Gank Corps.

Use your Directional Scanner, always watch the Local channel.
It is advisable to not engage in conversation with the criminal gankers, especially criminals from CODE, who tend to recruit the most violent and delusional pilots in New Eden.
If you choose to engage in conversation, be on high alert for your own safety, don't fall prey to distractions, and bring a shovel for all the BS you will have to wade through.

AFK mining significantly increases your risk of becoming a victim to space violence.
If you do then you are more of a target because gankers look for ships which are inactive or are being attacked by NPC drones.

Avoid solo-mining when possible

Try not to mine alone. Find and join mining fleets for increased safety as well as mining boosts.  If you choose to solo-mine, then it is strongly suggested you do so only in a Procurer or Skiff.
New Eden is filled with perils and dangers, and you must manage your exposure to harm and risk intelligently and appropriately.

Fun Facts

Most gankers will only gank in areas which are 0.7 and below and the lower the sec rating, the more you are at risk.

Certain regions are more dangerous than others.  The Citadel and Lonetrek are the most ganked regions and the most ganked systems are Isanamo, Aufay and Uedama.

What can you do?

If you have a kill right then you can activate it and make it available to everyone. Info on how to activate a kill right here: https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Kill_rights

Support other miners especially new miners, offer them help, advice and warn them about gankers. Supply them good anti-gank ship fits and when you see someone from a ganker corp in local then warn others.

Learn to tank - improve your armor and shield skills and also get T2 light drone skills.

Go to the Anti-ganking channel for more information and to report gankers.

If you feel you are being harassed by another player or you are a new player and have been deliberately targeted in a noob system by a ganker then you have an in-game option to Create a Support Ticket.  Just click the Help Icon or press F12.  If you have evidence of harassment or personal threats made by a ganker then please respond to this eve-mail so help and advice can be provided.

What not to do

You don't have to pay out ISK to gankers for a so called 'mining permit' and you don't have to follow their 'code of conduct'.  In fact you don't need a license at all to mine on Eve so it is a scam and a way for them to control what you do.

I hope this info proves useful, if you think it is then please share it with your friends or corp etc.

N.B. A generous donor is offering free Blueprint copies of T1 mining ships and modules for anyone who has been ganked - so please contact me.

Mining Tips - #1 - Safe(r) Retriever Mining (video)

Mining Guide

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bumper Mach-Attack Bounty Program

Ganking Bumper Machariels... For Great Just-ISK

250M ISK bounty for each speed-tanked bumper Machariel KM in the following systems

  • Aufay
  • Balle
  • Isanamo
  • Jita
  • Madirmilire
  • Niarja
  • Uedama

The Machariel faction battleship is known not only for its questionable Jovian origins, but also for its superior speed.

Criminal gangs in High-Sec space employ Machariels to bump freighters to position their victims beyond the range of the gate guns for their allied gank-fleets to attack, or to hold the freighter hostage until an extortion payment is made, usually 500M ISK and up.

The CODE dot Alliance [CODE.] with heavy Goonswarm support has targeted Uedama and other trade route systems for freighter interdiction. Uedama is the natural choke point for all High-Sec traffic between the major trade routes of Dodixie-Jita, Hek-Jita and Rens-Jita.

Tens of billions worth of ISK of freighters and cargo have been interdicted, stolen and destroyed by these CODE./Goon fleets.  The primary tool that these criminal gangs use to set up the destruction of the freighter is the usage of the Machariel bumper.

Due to the threat these ships pose to the shipping lanes in Uedama and elsewhere, the High-Sec Militia is offering a bounty reward of 300 million ISK for every speed-tanked Machariel destroyed in the Aufay, Balle, Isanamo, Jita, Madirmilire, Niarja and Uedama systems. If you see a Machariel gate-camping, scanning and bumping a freighter, then those are the criminal bumper pilots this program seeks to target.

This bounty program is valid beginning October 1st 2014 and for all KMs dated on that day forward. The program results and effects will be examined at the end of the month and will be renewed each month until further notice.

Check back here periodically for updates.

Send an EVEMail with the KM of the Machariel (Aufay, Balle, Isanamo, Jita, Madirmilire, Niarja and Uedama systems only) to Thomas en Chasteaux.

After verification and confirmation, payment will be made.


  • CODE., Goon and their allied affiliate members are not eligible recipients for payments of these rewards.
  • The High Sec Militia reserves the right to withold payment if reasonable suspicion or activity is detected in targeting non-Bumper Machariels
  • Speed-Tanked Machariels KMs are only accepted as valid for rewards, as marked by the presence of:
    • 2+ Overdrive Injector Systems or variants installed in low slots
    • 2+ Nanofiber Internal Structures or variants installed in low slots
    • 2+ Hull  Inertial Stabilizers or variants in low slots
    • 500MN Microwarpdrive or variant in mid slot
    • The presence of installed cap rechargers and cargo scanners.

Criminal bumpers brought to justice

And as always, thanks to all the supporters of the Militia.

Stay Vigilant

Stay Frosty
Fly Safe

The High Sec Militia

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Hunt for CODE. October

The High Sec Militia is offering 1 Million ISK for each KM (conditions apply) against CODE. Alliance members during the month of October.

If you have KMs in your Combat Log against CODE. members, send them in an EVEMail to Thomas en Chasteaux for 1 Million ISK each. 

Note: KMs in the combat log constitute the final blow.


  • Rookie Ship KMs will not be accepted.
  • Pod KMs will not be accepted.
  • KMs against CODE. Alliance members only
  • CODE. members not eligible for payments
  • Goon members not eligible for payments
  • Known gankers not eligible for payments
  • We reserve the right to review KMs and refuse payment for suspicious activity.

Total Rewards Paid To Date: 418 Million ISK collected by 37 pilots.

And as always, thanks to all the supporters of the Militia.

Stay Vigilant
Stay Frosty
Fly Safe

The High Sec Militia

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What is... The Ministry of Love

The Ministry of Love (or Miniluv in Goonspeak) is a ministry of Goonswarm.

The Ministry of Love enforces loyalty and respect to the Goons through fear, reinforced through systemic repression using operations of High-Sec ganking and endless War-Decs, as well as systematic brainwashing of its followers. The CODE Alliance is, in part, an operation of Miniluv.

The Ministry of Love, like other Goonswarm creations, is a misnomer, since it is largely responsible for the practice and infliction of misery, fear, suffering and ISK loss of miners and industrialists - who are the true content creators of New Eden.

According to its founders, the Ministry was created because "Burning Jita was so much fun", and because "High-Sec offers pleasures not found in Null Sec."  This last statement is in reference to how boring and lonely Null-Sec has become, with the ability to be complete asshats in High Sec by griefing and trolling unsuspecting and naive pilots.  The Ministry "just likes murdering stuff" whose current objective is "to cull the herd" - a clear reference to Goons and CODE's stated public desire to watch capsuleers permanently end their careers (rage quit and leave the game).

The Ministry of Love 's name is apt, in a perverse way, since its ultimate purpose is to instill love of The Goons amongst its sociopathic pilots, and conversely  hatred in the minds of miners, industrialists and haulers as part of the CODE. process of converting or eliminating them. As a sign of conversion, capsuleers are forced to wear a symbol of fealty, submission and humiliation in their bio. CODE. is Goonswarms operation to turn High-Sec into Renter Space.  Mining Permits are not only required for mining, but also hauling, or traveling in shuttles or pods. Given the speed of ganking shuttles and the small minority of pilots who purchase permits, it is clear that no check for permits are done before a shuttle or pod gank occurs.

This nomenclature is typical of the language of Goonspeak, in which words and names frequently contain both an idea and its opposite; the CODE./Goon pilot is nonetheless able to resolve these contradictions through the disciplined use of inhaled boosters.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Results of September 2014 Contest

The Anti-Ganking Community September  CODE. Ship "Decommissioning" Contest has come to a close, and the results are in.

The competition involved several different categories for winners and prizes.

The pilot with the highest total CODE ship kill-mails, that do not include CONCORD or Faction Police:
  • 1st place: Jennifer en Marland
  • 2nd place: Varus Vindicti
  • 3rd place: Kantar Vilorious
  • 4th place: Matthew Harrisai
  • 5th Place: Tenchi Sal
1st place winner to receive:
  • 'Hustler' Heavy Neutron Blaster I (7)
  • Federation Navy Anti-Matter Charge M (20000)
  • Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor
  • a set of 10 TII Small or Medium Combat Drones of your choice.
  • 100 Million ISK
  • 1 PLEX 

The pilot with the highest total assisted CODE ship kill-mails, which includes CONCORD, Faction Police:
  • 1st place: Varus Vindicti
  • 2nd place: Aela Taron
  • 3rd place: Kantar Vilorious
  • 4th place: Sarah Flynt
  • 5th place: Gur'man Thiesant 
1st place winner to receive:
  • Talos
  • Dread Guristas ECM Multispectral Jammer (2)
  • 'Integrated' Ogre (5)
  • 'Integrated' Berserker (15)
  • 100 Million ISK

Also, the Top 5 contestants in each category above will also get their choice of a fully fitted cruiser, compliments of our sponsors:
  • Blackbird
  • Moa
  • Rupture
  • Thorax
  • Vexor

The pilot with the highest recorded damage to a CODE ship in a kill-mail:
  • 1st place: Aela Taron
  • 2nd place: Jennifer en Marland
  • 3rd place: Varus Vindicti
1st place winner to receive:
  • Megathron Navy Issue
  • Federation Navy Anti-Matter Charge L (20000)
  • Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
  • Large Core Defense Field Extender II (2)
  • Federation Navy Garde combat drones (5)
  • Warrior II combat drones (10)
  • 100 Million ISK

The pilot with the highest total number of CODE Thrashers in kill-mails :
    • 1st place: Tenchi Sal
    • 2nd place: Aela Taron
    • 3rd place: Varus Vindicti
    1st place winner to receive:
    • Federation Navy Anti-Matter Charge S  (20000)
    • 50 Million ISK

        And, as a late entry to the prize pool, the pilot with the highest number of CODE. Pod kill-mails:

        • 1st place: Tenchi Sal
        • 2nd place [tied]: Varus Vindicti
        • 2nd place [tied]: Matthew Harrisai
        • 2nd place [tied]: Jennifer en Marland
        1st place winner to receive:
        • 50 Million ISK

        For all who entered, random drawings were held,  giving away the following prizes:
        (Max 2 prizes per contestant)
        • Federation Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane  (1)
          • Jennifer en Marland
        • True Sansha Energized EM Membrane (2)
          • Odin Vidur
        • True Sansha Energized Explosive Membrane (2)
          • capinhoes Anneto
        • Dread Guristas Thermic Dissipation Amplifier (2)
          • Nathan Dalbarade
        • Dread Guristas Explosive Deflection Amplifier (2)
          • Oberon Gutchay
        • Dread Guristas Kinetic Deflection Amplifier (3)
          • Tenchi Sal
        • Dread Guristas EM Ward Amplifier (2 )
          • Varus Vindicti
        • 'Stalwart' Particle Field Magnifier (1)
          • Morpheus Thalar
        • 'Beatnik' Small Remote Armor Repairer (4)
          • Chaos Ellec0n
        • Mid-grade Halo Beta
          • Leopold Ippisch 
        • Garde II Sentry Drones (20)
          • Sarah Flynt
        • Garde II Sentry Drones (20)
          • Morpheus Thalar
        • Garde II Sentry Drones (20) 
          • Matthew Harrisai