Become a High-Sec Militia member

Are you ready ...
... to bring justice to high-sec space?  

Are you prepared ...
... to hunt high-sec criminals? 

Are you determined ...
...  to begin a career in anti-ganking?

The High Sec Militia is a neither a corporation, nor an alliance. It is an organization that targets gankers of any corporation or alliance who fly in high sec space.

If you join and become a Militia member:

  • You will earn military ranks and advancement based on accumulated KM ISK values.
  • Earn bounty rewards for each KM against gankers
  • Earn ship rewards for reaching milestones in your HSM career
  • Earn rewards for repping freighters
  • Have access to our SRP program
Why We Fight

If interested, send an EVEMail to Thomas en Chasteaux

Bounty Rewards for KMs start at 1 million ISK at the Private rank, and increase 100K for each advancement in rank.

The bounty generally applies to KMs of  the traditional ganker ships, (although not exclusively): Thrasher, Catalyst, Vexor, Maller, Talos , Brutix and Tornado of any corp or alliance in any High Sec space.  The KM must be against a criminal ( -5 or below security status ) or a pilot who has committed a crime where CONCORD responds.

Militia members are prohibited from ganking, unless prior approval has been obtained for a specific target for a specific operation.

  • 5 Million ISK signing bonus
  • Enlistment Rank: Private
  • KM Bounty 1M ISK per KM, increasing by 100K for each advancement in rank,
  • Ship or ISK awards at each rank advancement.
  • KMs using DPS must have damage greater than or equal to 35% to receive bounty and rewards.
Requirements:  Clones must be 3 months of age or older

Initial Ranks: 

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