Monday, October 27, 2014

What is... MinerBumping

MinerBumping is a blog site dedicated to spreading a reign of terror in High-Sec Empire space. It revels in the destruction of ships and assets of the hard-working pilots of New Eden.

Ostensibly a project of the Goonswarm Ministry of Love, the blog is filled with doublethink and Goonspeak where serial killers and criminals are lionized as 'knights' and law-abiding pilots are labeled 'criminals'.

The CODE Alliance, headed by the ponzi scheme artist James 315 and self ascribed messiah, is alleged to be the primary author of much of the content, although there are many reports that most of the site is written by ghostwriters, as evidence by the varying writing styles and quality.

The CODE itself, is described as laws but written as an excuse to subjugate Empire space, and forcibly commit extortion and racketeering on all pilots.

The site desperately clutches to several fundamental "Big Lies" to justify criminal behavior and describes the criminal acts as noble. To do otherwise, would bring the entire quasi-religious edifice crashing down.

As a cultic messianic figure, James 315 uses the MinerBumping site to send dictats to spread murder and wanton destruction to achieve his and his Goonswarm masters goal - the turning of Empire Space into Renter Space, with all pilots paying taxes and swearing allegiance to them.

What is unknown is how the Empires feel about this. CONCORD, as pure bots, are programmed only to confiscate criminal ships used to commit crimes, but are forbidden to interfere in economic activity, whether obviously criminal or otherwise.

The goal of MinerBumping isn’t to make a point or to "save high sec". The goal is to sadistically harass and grief capsuleers and watch them squirm.
It happens over and over: CODE ganks and trolls a miner or hauler and gleefully watches as messages, EVEMails, and channels begin to fill up with rage.

What is clear, and is mentioned repeatedly in channels and forums, is the less highly publicized goal of permanently ending the careers of pilots, forcing them to give up and leave New Eden. (aka quiting)

MinerBumping delights in news of pilots leaving New Eden, which as Goonspeak, runs naturally opposed to the idea of saving High-Sec or EVE itself and is by design.

In many ways, MinerBumping is a closed-end ecosystem of bad internet tics and terrible debating tactics. The site brings together dedicated sadists, and it has captured an especially broad phylum of EVE trolls. The forum and comment sections are arsonist choirs.

CODE's so called version of emergent gameplay isn’t about gaming or creating content. It's about pure destruction and the evil intent behind it. It’s an embarrassment and open sore upon EVE.

Good gaming is about creation, wonder, and exploration.

But in MinerBumping and CODE, you find a bizarro land where Evil is Good, Murder and Mayhem is 'Content'[sic], and to save EVE everyone must quit... save for the scum and villainy of the universe.