Monday, October 20, 2014

High-Sec Miner Advisory Notice

Important info for High-Sec Miners

The following information is provided to help miners avoid being ganked in High Sec.

Criminals use scouts in asteroid and ice belts to find potential victims.  These scouts, whether alts or co-conspirators, prefer to fly innocuous ships such as Ventures, Mining Barges or Industrial Ships to not frighten or scare off their next victim. The higher skilled criminals will use cloaked ships, who you will never see on grid.

The criminal scout's tactics are to approach your ship to within optimal distance of the gank ship guns and ammo type. The scout will bookmark its position and then relay the information to the criminal ganker who is waiting at a station. The ganker will then warp in at zero to the scout location and gank your ship.  There is little chance of escape at that point and they will pod you.

There is no good reason why any unfamiliar pilot should approach your ship. If you witness this behavior, toward yourself or others, you must immediately go on high alert, warn the others in your fleet or in the belt, align your ship to your predetermined safe spot, and consider warping away either immediately, or soon thereafter.

Solo Gankers always target Retrievers, Covetors, Mackinaws and Hulks.  The reason for this is because they are difficult to tank and can be ganked with one catalyst. It is rare to see a Procurer or Skiff ganked, and if it happens, then it takes a small gank fleet.  The KM statistics alone prove that Procurers and Skiff are the safer option.

The High-Sec Militia provides Anti-gank fitting suggestions for

  • Ice Skiff
  • Ore Skiff
  • Ice Procurer
  • Ore Procurer
  • Orca

also more fits can be found here
With all those fits, make sure the Damage Control and Invulnerability Shield is always on.

The suggested Procurer fit is around 65,000 EHP and the Skiff 90,000 ( depending on skills ).  With that much EHP those are difficult to gank.  The Procurer/Skiff have the exact same yield as Retriever/Mackinaw plus they have a better speed / warp out time plus they both get 50% extra drone damage.

The primary consideration is risk and survivability.  Are you prepared, mentally and financially, for the significantly increased risk for a larger cargo hold?

The suggested Orca fit is around 420,000 EHP.  The damage control on that fit is ultra important because it adds 240% to the hull HP.  That fit will boost fleet yield, armor and shield resists.

Safety Tips

Add the Ganker, Corp and Alliance as a Contact and mark them as Terrible Standing so you know when they are in local.  So for instance it would be very beneficial to add CODE. which is the Alliance for a lot of Gank Corps.

Use your Directional Scanner, always watch the Local channel.
It is advisable to not engage in conversation with the criminal gankers, especially criminals from CODE, who tend to recruit the most violent and delusional pilots in New Eden.
If you choose to engage in conversation, be on high alert for your own safety, don't fall prey to distractions, and bring a shovel for all the BS you will have to wade through.

AFK mining significantly increases your risk of becoming a victim to space violence.
If you do then you are more of a target because gankers look for ships which are inactive or are being attacked by NPC drones.

Avoid solo-mining when possible

Try not to mine alone. Find and join mining fleets for increased safety as well as mining boosts.  If you choose to solo-mine, then it is strongly suggested you do so only in a Procurer or Skiff.
New Eden is filled with perils and dangers, and you must manage your exposure to harm and risk intelligently and appropriately.

Fun Facts

Most gankers will only gank in areas which are 0.7 and below and the lower the sec rating, the more you are at risk.

Certain regions are more dangerous than others.  The Citadel and Lonetrek are the most ganked regions and the most ganked systems are Isanamo, Aufay and Uedama.

What can you do?

If you have a kill right then you can activate it and make it available to everyone. Info on how to activate a kill right here:

Support other miners especially new miners, offer them help, advice and warn them about gankers. Supply them good anti-gank ship fits and when you see someone from a ganker corp in local then warn others.

Learn to tank - improve your armor and shield skills and also get T2 light drone skills.

Go to the Anti-ganking channel for more information and to report gankers.

If you feel you are being harassed by another player or you are a new player and have been deliberately targeted in a noob system by a ganker then you have an in-game option to Create a Support Ticket.  Just click the Help Icon or press F12.  If you have evidence of harassment or personal threats made by a ganker then please respond to this eve-mail so help and advice can be provided.

What not to do

You don't have to pay out ISK to gankers for a so called 'mining permit' and you don't have to follow their 'code of conduct'.  In fact you don't need a license at all to mine on Eve so it is a scam and a way for them to control what you do.

I hope this info proves useful, if you think it is then please share it with your friends or corp etc.

N.B. A generous donor is offering free Blueprint copies of T1 mining ships and modules for anyone who has been ganked - so please contact me.

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