Friday, July 31, 2015

Ganker ALOD: Looter Blues

Hans Isu is the Machariel Bumper/Freighter Looter/Bowhead Thrasher Gumball Machine Alt of Globby - the Thrice Bored Criminal.

Globby at times suffers from Space Madness. On this fateful day, one can only rightfully assume that Hans caught a bad case of it as well.

Luckily, with the passage of the Affordable Clone Healthcare Act of New Eden, Hans Isu is covered for unlimited visits by the Militia space doctors, who are always on call.

While we appreciate his sensibilities for fitting a looter Charon, Hans forgot that you cannot tank against Justice.

Looting for the Welp God

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Hunting and fighting criminals in High Sec Space is a unique career choice for capsuleers.   It is a career best suited for those pilots whose humanity and empathy have not been washed away by numerous genetic replication cycles.   It is also for those whose moral compass has not been destroyed by the cruel solar winds and extreme cold of the void of space.

Your mission, should you choose it, is to seek out and take down space criminals who have chosen a life of crime of stealing from the good and hard working capsuleers of New Eden.

Your missions consist of:

  • Hunting criminals in ore and ice belts with cloaked Falcons and Pilgrims
  • Standing guard over actively camped gates with Griffins, Crucifiers, Kitsunes, Sentinels, Blackbirds, Rooks, Arbitrators and Curses.
  • Escorting freighters through actively camped trade lanes
  • Finding and removing illegal parked shuttles used for Hyperdunking
  • Repairing damaged freighters with Logi cruisers and drones
  • POS bashing criminal bases with your favorite DPS battleship
  • Ninja repairing POS shields of friends and allies of the Militia.
  • Fighting mercenaries paid by large criminal organizations to grief and terrorize the true content creators and makers of New Eden - the miners and industrialists.

If you love New Eden and are willing to fight for civilization against the criminal forces of chaos and terrorist groups, then a career in the Militia is for you.  

Contact your local recruiter today.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quick Guide to Freighter Safety

In the galaxy of New Eden where combat is king, hauling is the one occupation where you are flying with your pants down.  In this delicate state, one must make sure your package is double wrapped. After all, suspicious and leering eyes sit at every trade-lane gate.

The following can be considered the Commandments of Hauling.

* Never be away from keyboard.  It's the  universal EVE rule.

* Never Auto-Pilot. The Terms and Conditions for usage of this CCP feature is your acceptance to be exploded and podded at any time.  Remember, they love explosions a little too much.

* Monitor Intel. There are several tools at your disposal to monitor the number and type of kills on your route. Use Dotlan and check the trade lane choke points.  Use Gankerlookout, and monitor active gank fleets.  Join the AG Intel and discussion channels.  Check and ask for reports.  You are already flying pantless.  Don't fly blind as well.

* Use a scout and webbing Alt. your own intelligence and eyewitness is the best intelligence you will ever have.  For those times you are caught by the bumpers, you will need that Alt to help Web you to escape.   But remember, webbing your freighter prevents others from Repping your ship due to the limited engagement. Choose and Judge your course of actions wisely.

* Never log off if you are bumped and flying solo.  The criminal tactic is to continue to bump your ship until they can have a rookie ship come out and aggress your ship thus starting a much longer log off timer.

* Never use cargo expanders.  The only valid reason to use cargo expanders is to carry an oversized load of double wrapped Fedos as a troll for criminals.

* Always tank fit.  This is polar opposite to the standard AFK/AP/Fedo Tank.

* Never carry more than 1Billion ISK of cargo.  You like gambling.  But how are you at losing big money or your life's accumulation of assets?

* Never accept contracts that have high collateral and require you to use cargo expanders.  It is a trap[tm] and contract scam.

* Never accept duels from pilots you don't know.  Too many times, the pilot promising to web you, is the Machariel Bumpers Alt who is hoping to get a Freighter Kill with his Atron.

* Never succumb to Extortion and Ransom.  Paying space lane terrorists and criminals only encourages them, and pays for the next set of gankalysts.  Don't Feed the Space Bears.  And don't give money to lazy space bums who refuse to get a real job and earn ISK in honorable ways.

Watch: How to spot gank contracts and survive

Fly Informed
Fly Vigilant
Fly Safe

The High Sec Militia

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Space Madness

Yesterday, the HSM heard reports that "Himself" had lost his mind and was hyperdunking shuttles, pods and rookie ships off the Jita 4-4 station.

Militia members arrived shortly thereafter and found Hans Isu (alt of Globby) sitting in a Bowhead at the 4-4 warp-in for docking.

The Criminal flagged pod of Globby arrived soon thereafter, and a Thrasher ejected out of the Bowhead gum ball machine. Globby entered and proceeded to shoot at the nearest, random small thing.

The Militia members settled upon a fleet doctrine of fast locking Kitsunes with Minmatar 'enfeebling' ECM, and proceeded to spend the next couple hours watching and suppressing Globby's mindless, and highly irrational bot-like behavior:  Warp-in. look for target. Eject I'll-fated space bug. Board and become locked and 'enfeebled'.

The "Mad One" scored a few kills, but the majority of time Globby spent of his precious few seconds in a ship was of him clicking feverishly on an unresponsive firing console.

Two "Globby Limited Edition" Thrashers were saved from destruction, and claimed by one of the Militia members for his own personal use. 

Whether he ran out of space bugs, or the madness lifted, Globby and Hans eventually left the grid.

Whether criminals are suffering from this debilitating form of Space Madness, or compulsively and uncontrollably yodeling in Local, the High Sec Militia is ready and willing to give cold, comforting Justice to these afflicted and tortured souls.  

Repeatedly, if necessary.

The High Sec Militia
as recommended by 9 out of 10 Space Doctors

Monday, July 13, 2015

High Sec Militia Advisory - Gank Bombers

The HSM has noticed a markedly increased criminal usage of Stealth Bombers for Hyperdunking and Ganking.

Notably, the Stealth Bombers used have been the Amarr Purifier and the Minmatar Hound

Tips on Stealth Bombers can be found here and notes on the the "Gank Bomber" can be found here.


  • JAMMING:  Stealth Bombers (18) have an equivalent/natural sensor strength of a Catalyst (11) fitted with 1 ECCM - Magnetometric I (~19.8).  It remains to be seen how effective jamming will be against this new threat.
  • RANGE:  The weapon range of torpedoes is much greater than the weapon range of the 'gankalyst'.  This will allow criminals a wider range of options for warp-ins.  Positioning for interdiction will require faster ships or long range snipers.
  • Torpedoes are battleship class weapons, although the Hyperdunking examples thus far do not show fewer attack runs.
  • These Stealth Bombers are 4 times more expensive  than the T2 fitted gankalyst.

We will monitor this tactic as it develops.