Monday, July 13, 2015

High Sec Militia Advisory - Gank Bombers

The HSM has noticed a markedly increased criminal usage of Stealth Bombers for Hyperdunking and Ganking.

Notably, the Stealth Bombers used have been the Amarr Purifier and the Minmatar Hound

Tips on Stealth Bombers can be found here and notes on the the "Gank Bomber" can be found here.


  • JAMMING:  Stealth Bombers (18) have an equivalent/natural sensor strength of a Catalyst (11) fitted with 1 ECCM - Magnetometric I (~19.8).  It remains to be seen how effective jamming will be against this new threat.
  • RANGE:  The weapon range of torpedoes is much greater than the weapon range of the 'gankalyst'.  This will allow criminals a wider range of options for warp-ins.  Positioning for interdiction will require faster ships or long range snipers.
  • Torpedoes are battleship class weapons, although the Hyperdunking examples thus far do not show fewer attack runs.
  • These Stealth Bombers are 4 times more expensive  than the T2 fitted gankalyst.

We will monitor this tactic as it develops.

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