Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quick Guide to Freighter Safety

In the galaxy of New Eden where combat is king, hauling is the one occupation where you are flying with your pants down.  In this delicate state, one must make sure your package is double wrapped. After all, suspicious and leering eyes sit at every trade-lane gate.

The following can be considered the Commandments of Hauling.

* Never be away from keyboard.  It's the  universal EVE rule.

* Never Auto-Pilot. The Terms and Conditions for usage of this CCP feature is your acceptance to be exploded and podded at any time.  Remember, they love explosions a little too much.

* Monitor Intel. There are several tools at your disposal to monitor the number and type of kills on your route. Use Dotlan and check the trade lane choke points.  Use Gankerlookout, and monitor active gank fleets.  Join the AG Intel and discussion channels.  Check and ask for reports.  You are already flying pantless.  Don't fly blind as well.

* Use a scout and webbing Alt. your own intelligence and eyewitness is the best intelligence you will ever have.  For those times you are caught by the bumpers, you will need that Alt to help Web you to escape.   But remember, webbing your freighter prevents others from Repping your ship due to the limited engagement. Choose and Judge your course of actions wisely.

* Never log off if you are bumped and flying solo.  The criminal tactic is to continue to bump your ship until they can have a rookie ship come out and aggress your ship thus starting a much longer log off timer.

* Never use cargo expanders.  The only valid reason to use cargo expanders is to carry an oversized load of double wrapped Fedos as a troll for criminals.

* Always tank fit.  This is polar opposite to the standard AFK/AP/Fedo Tank.

* Never carry more than 1Billion ISK of cargo.  You like gambling.  But how are you at losing big money or your life's accumulation of assets?

* Never accept contracts that have high collateral and require you to use cargo expanders.  It is a trap[tm] and contract scam.

* Never accept duels from pilots you don't know.  Too many times, the pilot promising to web you, is the Machariel Bumpers Alt who is hoping to get a Freighter Kill with his Atron.

* Never succumb to Extortion and Ransom.  Paying space lane terrorists and criminals only encourages them, and pays for the next set of gankalysts.  Don't Feed the Space Bears.  And don't give money to lazy space bums who refuse to get a real job and earn ISK in honorable ways.

Watch: How to spot gank contracts and survive

Fly Informed
Fly Vigilant
Fly Safe

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