Friday, July 31, 2015

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Hunting and fighting criminals in High Sec Space is a unique career choice for capsuleers.   It is a career best suited for those pilots whose humanity and empathy have not been washed away by numerous genetic replication cycles.   It is also for those whose moral compass has not been destroyed by the cruel solar winds and extreme cold of the void of space.

Your mission, should you choose it, is to seek out and take down space criminals who have chosen a life of crime of stealing from the good and hard working capsuleers of New Eden.

Your missions consist of:

  • Hunting criminals in ore and ice belts with cloaked Falcons and Pilgrims
  • Standing guard over actively camped gates with Griffins, Crucifiers, Kitsunes, Sentinels, Blackbirds, Rooks, Arbitrators and Curses.
  • Escorting freighters through actively camped trade lanes
  • Finding and removing illegal parked shuttles used for Hyperdunking
  • Repairing damaged freighters with Logi cruisers and drones
  • POS bashing criminal bases with your favorite DPS battleship
  • Ninja repairing POS shields of friends and allies of the Militia.
  • Fighting mercenaries paid by large criminal organizations to grief and terrorize the true content creators and makers of New Eden - the miners and industrialists.

If you love New Eden and are willing to fight for civilization against the criminal forces of chaos and terrorist groups, then a career in the Militia is for you.  

Contact your local recruiter today.

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