Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Space Madness

Yesterday, the HSM heard reports that "Himself" had lost his mind and was hyperdunking shuttles, pods and rookie ships off the Jita 4-4 station.

Militia members arrived shortly thereafter and found Hans Isu (alt of Globby) sitting in a Bowhead at the 4-4 warp-in for docking.

The Criminal flagged pod of Globby arrived soon thereafter, and a Thrasher ejected out of the Bowhead gum ball machine. Globby entered and proceeded to shoot at the nearest, random small thing.

The Militia members settled upon a fleet doctrine of fast locking Kitsunes with Minmatar 'enfeebling' ECM, and proceeded to spend the next couple hours watching and suppressing Globby's mindless, and highly irrational bot-like behavior:  Warp-in. look for target. Eject I'll-fated space bug. Board and become locked and 'enfeebled'.

The "Mad One" scored a few kills, but the majority of time Globby spent of his precious few seconds in a ship was of him clicking feverishly on an unresponsive firing console.

Two "Globby Limited Edition" Thrashers were saved from destruction, and claimed by one of the Militia members for his own personal use. 

Whether he ran out of space bugs, or the madness lifted, Globby and Hans eventually left the grid.

Whether criminals are suffering from this debilitating form of Space Madness, or compulsively and uncontrollably yodeling in Local, the High Sec Militia is ready and willing to give cold, comforting Justice to these afflicted and tortured souls.  

Repeatedly, if necessary.

The High Sec Militia
as recommended by 9 out of 10 Space Doctors

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