Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New SRP Program

The HSM now offers a Ship Replacement Program (SRP).

Ships eligible for replacement are based upon current rank. (See militia ranks below)

For example:

  • Private First Class members are eligible for Griffin replacements.
  • Command Corporal members are eligible for Kitsune, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Nemesis, Crucifier and Griffin replacements.

Also, any ranks Private First Class and above are eligible for a remote rep cruiser replacement: Scythe,  Exequror  Augoror  Osprey

Militia Ranks

Private First Class Griffin
Specialist Crucifier
Senior Specialist Nemesis
Corporal Blackbird
Lance Corporal Arbitrator
Command Corporal Kitsune
Grenadier Sentinel
Fire Grenadier Falcon
Grenadier Major Pilgrim
Master Grenadier Rook
Sergeant Curse
Technical Sergeant Scimitar
Sergeant Major Oneiros
Master Sergeant Guardian
Sergeant Argeant  Basilisk

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