Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SitRep: The Battle in Nomaa - No Mas in Nomaa


I just came back from what I'm going to call "The Battle of Nomaa", or as it may become known in the annals of EVE Lore - "No Mas, in Nomaa".

Word trickled in tonight that one of Specialist Rijhad's freighter contacts was bumped way off grid in Nomaa.  Specialist Rijhad dropped everything and raced to the scene - approximately twenty jumps from our current location.  I was fleeted with him at the time and reshipped and headed off after him.

I caught him and passed him in my faster Astero frigate and got on scene first.  I found a stricken Obelisk surrounded by a few of the freighter pilot's friends.  Circling them ominously was the ravenous, blood thirsty crew of the Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT).  A Mach was the bumper for the TNT and various Catalysts were milling about in a somewhat disorganized fashion.  DScan revealed a Bowhead and seven Catalysts some distance away.

Within minutes the first red wave of Catalysts descended on the Obelisk.  Specialist Rijhad finally arrived in his Ishtar along with a Falcon colleague, uncloaked and readied for action.  As the Falcon laid down the jams, Rijhad and I took out about five each of the TNT's Cats.  The tough Obe survived the first wave.  TNT's pilots cried about our efforts in Local: "White Knight mofos".

At this point I called for assistance in the HSM channel and asked everyone to report in to Specialist Rijhad, who was commanding the activities in system.

Logi ships, frigates, ECM ships all began to trickle in.  A hodge-podge of ships in contrast to the bot-like consistency of the enemy fleet. 

A second assault came.  Surely the Obe would pop this time.  Not so...the Falcon's jamming and the sea of drones being put up by our forces prevailed again.  When the scene cleared...friendly logi moved in and began repping the Obe's damage. 

Finally the Obe managed to flee the scene, only to be recaught and reassaulted.  Again the Cats were beaten back.  Another escape attempt and another assault was snuffed out.  Finally, after an hour of repeated assault waves, the Obelisk docked in Nomaa and the fight was over. 

I personally had eight kills for the engagement - a high for my career. 

I looted well over 11 Cats today....but the haul was only worth ~3M.  This fact explains the massive failure of TNT's gank attempt.  Their ships were composed of the lowest level T1 modules.  As well, TNT's FC called a disorganized fight and his ships did not appear to be well organized.

Nevertheless, this fight will undoubtedly will be remembered as one of the defining battles that forged the HSM into an effective force in Hi-Sec.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to retrace the evening's events.

Take care

- Private Jock Yitch.


Aldo Raine said...

I believe the tide is turning. Code isn't what it used to be! Keep up the great work!

Aldo Raine said...

Great work! This is an awesome example of teamwork and dedication!