Saturday, April 4, 2015

High Sec Criminal Profiles: Siegfried Cohenberg

Siegfried Cohenberg - The Machariel Bumper, Freighter Loot Hauler, Orca Pilot and agent of Goonswarm Federation's MiniLuv.
Andrew Sin  - Suspect Baiter Alt
Sasha Cohenberg - CODE Ganker Alt
Emotion Sasen - Goon Ganker Alt

A relatively new criminal scam by Siegfried is the destruction of freighters - singlehandedly - by  Andrew Sin.

The Scam

Siegfried Cohenberg will bump the freighter.   Andrew Sin will show up in an Exequror, convo the freighter pilot, and ask to assist by dueling and webbing/repping the freighter to escape. 
Andrew Sin will either then begin attacking with the PVP fitted  Exequror, or leave and return with a  Catalyst.

This has happened numerous times

Spread the word to all your Freighter associates.
This practice can only end if pilots are aware of this scam.

Do Not Accept Duels From Pilots You Do Not Know.

Also note, that freighters accepting duels prevents the safe repping by other pilots, as the Remote Rep pilot must go suspect to repair damage on freighters engaged in duels

Bonus Material
Watch Siegfried/Andrew's POS get blown up here

Stay Vigilant
Stay Frosty
Fly Safe

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