Monday, November 6, 2017

Machariel ALOD: Perfect Justice

Most miners are laid back and easy going.  They enjoy a quiet life of lasers and the never ending sound of grinding rocks.  Hearing loss may explain why gankers find it so easy to sneak up on them.

It's a simple life that forms the basis for space civilization.  No Rocks, No Ships. No Pew.

However, there are a toxic few who seek to own some high sec belts, and are willing to pay criminals and gangsters to clear out the competition.

One paid Machariel hired thug was in Aydoteaux doing his dirty work, and apparently decided to take a long break.

But the one thing in High Sec that may often be delayed, but never takes a break, is Justice.

A special shout out and a hearty thanks goes to Tea and Toast, for their dedicated service to High Sec Space. Thank you for serving Justice to those who refuse to embrace the Liberty and Freedom of others.

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