Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Scout-a-geddon

The Black Ops Team is hosting a contest for January - Scout-a-geddon

Kill Counter: 448


Clear the trade lanes of criminal ship & cargo scanning scouts, repeatedly, brutally, and without mercy... for Justice! ( and the haulers will thank you too )


Participants must be members of, and in good standing with, the High Sec Militia.

Participants must email  1Lt Aldo Raine to sign up.

  • It is recommended that participants create a vigilante alt (to avoid wardecs, handle KRs, etc.)
  • The Rules of Engagement must be signed and agreed to before a player may participate in the contest.

Upon sign up... 

  • participants will receive 'Aldo's Guide To All Things Bastardy', normally 18 isk in Jita bookstores, yours for free just for signing up.
  • participants will also receive 3 Catalysts or 3 Thrashers, fully fitted and ready to go. You will also get access to the HSM Black Ops channel where you can get advice and find friends to fleet up with.

FC, Now what do?

  • Participants need to send killmails to 1Lt Aldo Raine to receive a replacement Catalyst or Thrasher.
  • Participants need to email  1Lt Aldo Raine when their security status drops below -2 so that they can be contracted free tags to repair it.
  • If you need help or have questions contact  1Lt Aldo Raine, Agosto Blonde, or Sako Kawasaki
  • As referee  1Lt Aldo Raine will not participate, though he may still blow stuff up. :)


For each scout kill the participant(s) will receive 1 mil isk bounty and a replacement Catalyst or Thrasher.
  • If you've fleeted up to kill a target the full bounty is given to each participant. 
  • This is to encourage teaming up to kill armored scouts and cruiser scouts. (the only exception to this is Bumping Machs, speak with 1Lt Aldo Raine for details).

Any participant that kills 100 scouts during the month will receive a PLEX.

The participant that gets the most number of scout kills will receive a Catalyst Inner Zone Shipping Skin (permanent).

The participant that gets the most number of pod kills will receive a Thrasher Blue Tiger Skin (permanent).

Participants that get second place in the above categories will get 100 mil isk.

The participant that kills the most expensive scout will get his kill featured on the HSM blog and will receive 250 mil isk.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!


Aldo Raine said...

I want my 100 scalps!

Cochise Chiricahua said...

Woohoo, sounds like my kind of contest! No shortage of explosions or CODE hate mail! Don't think I'll win any prizes, but I'm in anyway. Could somebody link the Rules of Engagement though please?
Thanks and great idea,
Cochise Chiricahua.