Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Courier Contract Scams - Azalopa Hekki of Wesho Industries

One of the primary careers in New Eden is that of the hauler.  These capsuleers help drive the economy of our cluster, by providing the physical link between the industrialists and the consumers at the major trade hubs.

Complicating their life is a criminal career con artist - the contract scammer.

The courier scam is a contract that requires an unusually high collateral payment, an unusually high reward payment, and a required m3 volume size that just so happens to force the hauler to use 2-3x cargo expanders, (Hollowing out the hull HP to a mere shadow of its former self).

A Machariel Bumper and the criminal Mercantile Club Bureau gank fleet then lays in wait on the courier route.

Our criminal scumbag of the day is Azalopa Hekki and his zombie corp Wesho Industries.

It is reasonable to say, that each time Wesho Industries closed its doors and reopened, it was to erase and whitewash the failed contracts from its contract history, so as not to alarm the next victim.

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Aldo Raine said...

I found him scanning at the Jita undock. He and his corp have been added to our Kill-On-Site list.