Monday, September 7, 2015

Freighter Warning: Scam Contracts through Kiainti System

Recently, there have been a rash of Hyperdunks and Scam Web Duels in the Kiainti system.

The Criminals Daidary Oriki and Literally Megan Fox have been issuing scam contracts with collateral in excess of 2 Billion ISK.

Hit-me-with-a-brick In-the-face is the pilot who has posted these scam contracts in the Hauler channel

The freighter pilot victims then are met in the 0.5 sec security system of Kiainti by the Machariel Bumpers Jessie Janau and Daidary Oriki 

At that point, the freighter is convo'ed by Zelendia Fundy - last seen flying a Vigil - offering to duel and provide web to escape.   Once the freighter pilot accepts, Zelendia then returns in a Talos and destroys the freighter.

If the duel is not accepted, a Hyperdunk is then setup and the freighter is pushed off grid by the Machariels, and the freighter is destroyed by the gankers Ryvarant , Josh Tsutola.

Literally Megan Fox and Hit-me-with-a-brick In-the-face   also assists and ganks in limited capacity.

Kelvin Aramat is the owner of the Hyperdunk shuttles, and is believed to be the Bowhead pilot.

Scam Contract

Scam Contract

Scam Contract Victim
Screen Cap provided by Criminal

Kiainti Local

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