Sunday, September 13, 2015

Looter ALOD - One fine Sunday in Sivala

There are days when plans work flawlessly.  Then there are Sundays in Sivala in September.

Consider HSM Case File 49046433

Unfortunately for this hauler, he choose the wrong day and time to move freight through Sivala.
8 Talos left their Kamio station to commit the crime.  One Talos was pointed and interminably delayed en route.  No less than 4 Talos were jammed by ECM.  Yet, the freighter succumbed to its fate.

And that's where Kuschelzeit, and his looter Charon, enters the scene.

Kuschelzeit laid out the perfect plan.  He deployed a Mobile Micro Jump Unit.  Aligned, Looted and Escaped with billions in loot.  Op Success.

For a few seconds.

Gesundheit !

The looter Kuschelzeit found out the hard way.  Justice never takes Sundays off.

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