Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tears of a Space Clown

As many capsuleers are aware, the local channel is generally a quiet place, except for the major trade hubs.  In Jita, it's a carnival of hucksters, con men, and terrible marketing practices.

However, when the gank fleet comes to a system near you, that's when the solar system channel turns into a three ring circus.  Although, unlucky for you, it is three rings of space clowns.

If you unwittingly purchased a ticket to this bizarro show, this image sums up the 'l33t' ganker fleet experience.

But a funny thing happened at the circus in Madirmilire Sunday evening.  After many pictures by moms, and celebratory hugs that lasted suspiciously long, all the elation turned to ... tears.

Consider HSM Case File 49172114.  The looter of the ganked freighter celebrated far too early.

There, there, Dear, we all make mistakes

Now there's some sad things known to clones 
But ain't too much sadder than the tears of a space clown. 
When there's no freighters around
- ancient popular tune, circa 20th century - Earth

These gank circus shows are always held without proper licenses and permits.  Thankfully, the militia and the AG community are always there to make sure everyone leaves with an oversized souvenir cup of Justice.

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