Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Militia Reports: Jita Freighter Save

On April 11th,  a small team of HSM members were hunting the Russian gank fleet rioting in the Isanamo area, and later the Goon/Kusion gank fleet based in Jita.

A Charon was spotted bumped in Jita off the Perimeter gate by the Militia team which was comprised of a bumper Omen, a Falcon, and a Guardian.

The gankers were asking for a ransom of 500M, which was not paid.  The gank fleet undocked and headed for the Charon.

Brad Neece began bumping the Charon, preventing the gank fleet from landing successfully within their optimal range.

During one warp-in attempt, a Talos was too slow to warp back to a tactical, and was caught by CONCORD, which left the fleet with just Purifiers and Catalysts.

Finally, after several attempts, the gank fleet landed and engaged, but the Militia team was able to save the Charon with 50% hull

Save Mail: Jita Charon

Switching between a Basilisk, Guardian, and Hull Rep Scorpion, the Militia was able to heal the Charon back to 100% Shield/Armor/Hull health in under the 15 minute criminal timer.

At that time, the Machariel pilot told the freighter he was tired, and warped away.

With the gankers giving up and leaving the system, the Militia had saved the Charon!

Win or lose, success or failure, what matters most is that you are out there fighting the good fight. Saving freighters is one of the hardest things to do in EVE, but possible, even with the smallest of teams.

There have been many times, even in failure, when the freighter pilot has been surprised that there are still good pilots in New Eden willing to help.

When a freighter is saved, it always comes with great satisfaction, and proves that it doesn't take an army of pilots.

It just takes you - every jam, every disrupt, every rep, and every bump counts.

You can make a difference. Never let anyone make you think otherwise.

Many thanks to fleet members:
Lance Corporal Brad Neece
Private First Class Harish Riraille
Specialist Kip Winger
Master Sergeant Thomas en Chasteaux

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Kip Winger said...

Was great to come together and keep the plex in the hands of its rightful owner. A wonderful learning experience for the freighter pilot also.