Wednesday, April 6, 2016

World War B

For those interested in bringing Justice to the evil empire in Deklein, seek out Spectre Fleet.

Spectre Fleet is unique in that pilots are neither required to join an alliance nor leave their current corporation.

And they just so happen to have joined the fight against Mitler and his Something Aweful bee minions.

Look for their War Fleet schedules in NULL security space and join up.

Check out their Fleet Doctrine and show up in the appropriate ship.  Due to a generous sponsorship, much of their war fleet  doctrine ships are under SRP, so be smart and insure your ships.

Due to the immense popularity in fighting the Evil One, the Spectre Fleet is nearing maximum capacity, and pilots may be turned away if you do not adhere to the fleet doctrine. 

If you want special consideration to be invited to fleet, fly logistics, which I am sure militia members are well acquainted in that fine military art form.

Check out their website, their fleet doctrines and fleet times.

Militia members who take part will receive special commendation awards for valorous service.

See you in Deklein.

And should you see Mitler himself, tell him Empire and High Sec Space sends its regards.

Then 'gently caress' him ... for Justice.

-Thomas en Chasteaux
Commander of the High Sec Militia

The battles and fights of High Sec Militia members in World War B

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