Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WWB: Angry Refubees of HighSec

As the Money Badger Coalition burns Goonswarm and their meatshields to the ground, squads of Goons are fleeing to High Sec space to harass, ransom and raise funds for their war effort.

Mitler continues to horde ISK, slashing FC payments, and refusing to raise a sufficient defense, other than sending DBRB to troll around Deklein to type swordfleet? in local in each system.

Meanwhile, Mitler station-tanks and rages about a 'sekrit' doomsday strategy code-named the "Goonhammer".

The Coalition speculates that it is simply a rubber mallet that squeaks when you mash it. And it will be available as a reward at the $15 level as an early-bird supporter for the launch of his next Kickstarter book - "Boats and Bees - how I bent the knee"

While Mitler lurks and waits to unleash his hellwar on his foes (read: everyone of New Eden) the High Sec Militia has released a doomsday weapon of its own.

It's code-name is ... Brad Neece.

He's only armed with an Omen, a MWD and a video camera.

The resulting content has a high amount of salt.  Viewing the following video is not recommended if your space Doctor has placed you on a restricted low sodium diet or suffer from high blood pressure due to repetitive station spinning.

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