Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looter ALOD - Two for the Price of Justice

The Kusion clan was ganking once again in Uedama.  They had just caught a Rattlesnake and the Kusion scout and looter - Daxter Alabel flying a Heron - arrived to profit from his latest criminal act. Daxter looted and went suspect.

Fortunately, Justice was also hunting that day.

And just 2 days earlier another looter, Pfwiet Chakaiddiscovered that Crime is often followed by Punishment.  Welcome to High Sec, Pfwiet, where the Captain's Quarters are always kept at a warm 22 degrees celsius, and the Justice (and Quafe) are always served ice cold.

1 comment:

Kickass Tivianne said...

Nice to see the looter get looted!