Monday, January 18, 2016

Looter ALOD - Discoman and the Disco Police

A gank fleet in Uedama had just killed a freighter 15km off the Ikao gate.  A Mobile Micro Jump Unit was deployed and Discoman looted and started flashing yellow suspect.

At this point, the flashing lights must have done something to Discoman, because he started his celebration too early.  Something stirred in Discoman.   He must have thought he became "fabulous", turned up the music to 11, threw his hands in the air, and started his special dance.

He wasn't even close to being aligned to warp out, and before he could use his microjump unit to escape, anti-gankers including Molotok and MalkePigen tackled him and applied heavy dps.

A machariel bumper bumped Discoman back to the gate, and he jumped into Ikao with about 40% hull remaining.

Fortunately Slania Auduin  arrived on grid in her Thorax just in time to see him jump, so she followed him through.  Even better, she spawned on the other side of the gate within 5km of where Discoman decloaked.  Slania tackled and finished him.  Unfortunately, the session change meant that the other anti-ganking and militia members who damaged and tackled him do not appear on the KM.

Looter: Discoman (Charon)

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Kickass Tivianne said...

Im glad we were able to help Slania out by reducing Shields/Armor and Hull down for her! That is teamwork!