Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Looter ALOD: Justice puts the U in Fun

Justice in High Sec not only is the foundation for a stable and productive civilization in New Eden, but brings enormous amounts of joy and satisfaction to citizens of all races and creeds.

This includes criminals themselves.

This Looter ALOD comes to us directly from the source, from Inquisitor Gnomon of the Church of the Silver Flame

I read your blog.
Here is a looter ALOD:
It started out as a fairly standard OP... Ice field, AFK miners with an MTU and a freighter... can mining. SOP - kill the MTU and take the Ice that the miners keep ejecting.
After a while the freighter dropped another MTU... so I went back to destroy it, and got scrammed and killed by the Skiffs!
Kill: Inquisitor Gnomon (Typhoon) 
I laughed so hard I forgot to save my pod!
Kill: Inquisitor Gnomon (Capsule) 
Most fun I've had in the ice in a long time!

We are pleased that Justice continues to spread throughout New Eden, providing content and meaning to capsuleers daily lives. We salute those who fight the Good Fight, and those who enjoy it in all its forms, on whatever end they give it, or receive it.

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