Monday, January 25, 2016

Justice and the long arm of its Gentle Caress

Bringing Justice to High Sec space is a noble, and tireless cause.  There are many tactics, and many roles to fill when it comes to crime prevention, and the application of Punishment for each Crime committed.

Some are under the mistaken impression that large fleets are required to combat an equally large fleet of criminals.

But as the Universe has taught us, the Butterfly Effect is strong.

This story of High Sec Justice comes from checkmeister Sirober

I was sitting off Lai Dai station, and by chance loyalanon and his fleet of 20 something catalysts undocked to a safe spot.  Prior to him fleet warping away to the target, I popped him at range 80km away, 
He did not know what hit him!
Well with no FC, the rest of the gang feel apart and was concorded even before they could get the target. He ran away in his pod.  Hell yeah, and awesome moment!
There was no GF in local from him and he kept quiet about this embarassment, as I expected.  He just started trolling harder in local and changed his flight patterns.

As you can see, all High Sec needs, is a single capsuleer, a hero, in the right place, at the right time, in the right ship... and countless lives and ISK can be saved.

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