Criminal ALOD of June 4 2015

The criminal mind is sometimes a mysterious thing.

What drives clones toward anti-social and self-destructive behavior?  What irrational thought seizes the mind and body, spasmodically enacting random space violence?  Was it temporary insanity?  Was it hallucinations of space bee attacks?  Was he watching a football game on the Concord Billboard, and mashed the fire button after an opposing goal? Did he just learn Burn Amarr was canceled, and it was simply about market manipulation and not any lolz, and 'Dickbutt' was to blame for bankrupting Miniluv?

The good thing is militia members only need to apply ECM first, and ask questions later.

The penetrating hum of ECM calms the criminal mind, allowing the ganker to well consider his ill-conceived actions.

As the criminal awaits the embrace of the vast, searing cold and infinite reach of space, the militia member muses that Space and Justice have a lot in common.

Goal!?!   Motherf@#%$%#


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