Monday, June 8, 2015

All Reps on Justice

The High Sec Militia has issued a special commendation award for one of its ranking members - Corporal Saber Ding - for valorous service in the line of duty.

In Sivala, a space lane beggar - Siegfried Cohenberg - was harassing and bumping an Orca and demanding ISK in return for leaving the Orca alone.  

Siegfried, having begged and pleaded his case of poverty, and seeing he was receiving no sympathy, turned instead to his only slightly more intelligent alt - Facebookina McHashtags vonInstagram.

Facebookina was flying an Atron and still feeling pretty clever for mashing random words together for her name.   She convo'ed the Orca pilot with offers of "help" to web the Orca to safety.

Unfortunately, the Orca pilot was simply naive or thought the request was an advertisement to "Double your ISK" and accepted the duel challenge.  

Facebookina/Siegfried, now feeling twice as clever though still feeling the sting of poverty and space rejection, began the attack against the Orca... in an Atron.

Calls for assistance went out on the AG channels and militia members responded.  Due to the limited engagement and ceaseless bumping, the options for rescue were extremely limited.

Fortunately, the Orca was fitted with drones and rep modules with cap boosters.   Corporal Saber Ding ferried supplies of cap boosters to the Orca, and  his colleagues ran legally suspect rep missions.

The battle raged for over 2 hours.  Corporal Saber Ding ran a logistical lifeline of support to the Orca until a friend of the pilot showed up and took over.

Frustrated, impatient and feeling the impending signals of a terrible conclusion to a lunch of space burritos with Serpentis sauce, the space lane beggar Siegfried called in a gank fleet to finish the job.

The first gank attempt failed, due to the noble sacrifice of a suicide Exequror repping valiantly to the bitter end.  The second gank attempt ended the Orca's service as a hauling vehicle.

The High Sec Militia takes this opportunity to commend and reward Corporal Saber Ding for his selfless and courageous acts.

Also noted for on the field actions are Galphii, Hae Joo Chang, Jonathan Chieves and Clancy Davis.

The Militia also takes this time to remind haulers to be informed about the beggars and criminals who loiter on the trade lanes, and to never accept duels from pilots you do not know.

The ISK and pod you save, may well be your own.

Fly Safe
Fly Informed
Fly Courageous
The High Sec Militia

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