Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tales from the Grid: Thunder and Explosions

On the fourth of January, Evil Thunder of the Bloody Claw Security was providing security to the miners in Kamio's Ice Belt.

Monitoring the security situation, CEO Bloody Bear was watching a ganker's live stream and decided to record an incoming CODE failure.

The two CODE gankers Jakk en Jala and Balthatar warped to their scout in the ice, and started firing at a Retriever.  Thunder soon sent the two gankers packing in their pods, as they stared in disbelief.

As you can see in the kill mails, CONCORD was too slow to show up, and were not needed.

Miners all across New Eden can see if we all unite and fight, we can WIN and stop ganks on miners and haulers.

Here is the segment of the ganker's Live Stream, and you can watch him and his reaction, as CODE fails... "Always" ... to break the indomitable fighting spirit of capsuleers.

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