Friday, January 12, 2018

Piekura Ice Bears

Piekura has been the location of much activity by a small criminal corporation HC - BLUEberryPIE. Bloody Bear decided to patrol the area and see what could be done.  He found an Ice belt, and decided to wait.

There was a Retriever in the ice, and it wasn't long before Sottie StuartClan arrived, looking to commit yet another easy crime.

What he didn't expect were the Bears lurking in the Ice, looking for easy prey.

and this one, had a juicy pod center.

The Retty was saved, as the Ice Bear of Piekura swallowed Sottie whole in one clean bite, implants and all.  We're not sure if Sottie was conscious long enough in Piekura to realize what happened.  Ice Bear attacks are known to come out of nowhere.  

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