Friday, January 5, 2018

Machariel ALOD: Turf Wars

Often times, the bumper machariels are run by CODE or Goon affiliated pilots, and they largely aid and assist one another.  In rare instances, you find a different flavor of crime gang who is not so aligned.

Tamika Rackner, so told, is a member of Northern Coalition. Who has been targeting Goon affiliated freighters around Niarja.

In return, the Goons have been ninja looting Rackner's kills, over 6 billion ISK to date, and ganking Rackner's Machariels.

and again

with Pod

There was one gank attempt on Rackner that the HSM helped prevent, though it was out of some confusion, as we did not understand why a Goon gank fleet was shooting a Machariel bumper.  It's times like those where it's difficult to choose who to cheer for, other than CONCORD and Explosions.

The Goon Fizzleblade gang made this special request to highlight the Turf Wars of Niarja.  So a shout-out and tip of the hat to them for fighting crime, in their own, if only temporary, way.

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