Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Militia Boot Camp - First Day

Private Newbro! Get Gud!

So Private Newbro, you've enlisted in the High Sec Militia.

Commander! What do?

Well, Private, after you drop and do push-ups until your spindly little arms knock this space station out of its orbit, sending it careening into the sun, killing us all...

The second thing to do is make sure your clone has gone through boot camp training, maximizing your core ship skills that will serve you well, no matter the ship you fly.

Core AG Ship Skill Training

Power Grid Management V: maximizes the power core.
CPU Management V: maximizes the CPU.
Capacitor Management V: maximizes the capacitor capacity.
Capacitor Systems Operation V: maximizes the capacitor recharge rate.
Energy Grid Upgrades V: reduces the CPU requirements of installing power modules.
Mechanics V: maximizes structure hitpoints.
Shield Management V: maximizes shield capacity.
Shield Operation V: maximizes the shield recharge rate.
Hull Upgrades V: maximizes armor hitpoints.
Repair Systems IV: ability to operate the best armor and hull repair modules.

A note about Repair Systems V: If you train to V, some of your cap stable ships may become non cap stable, because the armor repairers will run shorter cycles.

Training Manuals

After you have set your basic skill training in order, you will need to hit the books and begin your study.

Field Guide: ECM in-Depth
Field Guide: EWAR In-Depth

HSM Ships

The Griffin is a Caldari ship, and will be awarded once you reach your first earned rank.
You will need to begin training the required skills for this ship in the HSM Fleet Doctrine, so you can embark on your first mission.

Thomas en Chasteaux
Commander High Sec Militia

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