Friday, November 20, 2015

Operation Scoutaggedon - Tear Jerkers

Operation Scoutaggedon

Operation Scoutaggedon has been ongoing for couple weeks.

Born from an idea by SpecOp member Ryan Ahashion.  10 criminal scouts were neutralized in one 24 hour period. In total, 65 criminal scouts have discovered High Sec is no longer safe for them.  Ryan's total number of scout kills is now at 31, and is leading in applying Space Justice and disrupting criminal operations.

Naturally, this is causing the criminal underworld an enormous amount distress and consternation, as their doctrine depends on AFK fail-fit stationary frigates.

Sadly, one ganker troll has developed an extreme case of butt-hurt, and has developed a psychotic fear of any further harm to his posterior.

After locking and barricading his captain's quarters, we can safely assume he has armed himself, much like his fearful cult leader, as seen here in the Kino station.

Here is the chat log of the ganker troll in the AG channel -
Which was promptly followed up by more tears to the primary moderator and owner of the AG Channels.


[07:10:16] Astecus > o/
[07:10:17] Ryan YouSoBad > why did you ban me
[07:10:22] Ryan YouSoBad > i just want to prevent ganks
[07:10:31] Astecus  [07:08:30] EVE System  Ryan YouSoBad was kicked from the channel by Astecus
Reason: "7 minute old troll alt"
[07:10:32] Ryan YouSoBad > like the one your channel member attempted on me
[07:10:36] Ryan YouSoBad > (unsuccessfully)
[07:11:00] Ryan YouSoBad > do you plan on banning ryan ahashion for ganking?
[07:11:11] Ryan YouSoBad > or at least being bad at ganking?
[07:11:23] Ryan YouSoBad > also why are you okay with adair threatening my BUTT?
[07:11:32] Ryan YouSoBad > in REAL LIFE
[07:12:00] Ryan YouSoBad  Astecus
[07:12:05] Ryan YouSoBad > are you there
[07:12:12] Ryan YouSoBad > or are you afk chatting
[07:12:24] Ryan YouSoBad > i know anti-ganking embraces the afk lifestyle so i would understand
[07:12:33] Astecus > Ganking scouts or bumpers is an acceptable AG behavior to me
[07:13:12] Ryan YouSoBad > i was just minding my own business in high security space
[07:13:21] Ryan YouSoBad > and along came ryan ahashion and ATTACKED me
[07:13:27] Ryan YouSoBad > seems p ridiculous to me
[07:13:38] Ryan YouSoBad > you guys dont seem anti-ganking at all
[07:13:51] Astecus > WHich character of yours did he attack?
[07:14:15] Ryan YouSoBad > oh no wyoure trying to steal my identity?
[07:14:29] Ryan YouSoBad > thats a pretty nasty follow up to antiganking's real life threats
[07:14:44] Astecus > No, I'm trying to look into the validity of your claim
[07:14:54] Ryan YouSoBad > my claim is valid, problem solved
[07:15:02] Ryan YouSoBad > sure am glad i could clear that up
[07:15:30] Ryan YouSoBad > you guys seem real bad
[07:15:35] Ryan YouSoBad > i think maybe ill check out the code
[07:15:38] Ryan YouSoBad > i hear they always win

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