Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 How the Grinch Stole Gankmas

H o w    t h e    G r i n c h    S t o l e    s


Conditions Apply:
  • Participants must be a member in good standing with the High Sec Militia.
  • Contest begins December 1st and ends December 31st. All dates and times are EVE Time.
  • All KMs earned must be against High Sec Criminals.

Fly Swatter award
Pilots with the most Thrasher KM totals will receive a Kitsune and 500M ISK.
2nd place will receive a Griffin and Griffin Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)  

Pied Piper award
Pilots with the most Catalyst KM totals will receive a Rook and 500M ISK.
2nd place will receive a Blackbird and Blackbird Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)    

Gate Keeper award
Pilots with the most Vexor KM totals will receive a Curse and 500M ISK
2nd place will receive a Arbitrator and Arbitrator Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)  

Defender award
Pilots with the most Battlecruiser KM totals will receive a Falcon and 500M ISK
2nd place will receive a Blackbird and Blackbird Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)  

Ranger award 
Pilots with the most number of solar systems where KMs were earned will receive a Pilgrim

Max Rockatansky award
Pilots with the most KMs will receive a Sentinel

The Astecus Challenge:   568/1000

The Astecus challenge
If the total number of KMs by militia members acquired during the month of December reaches 1000, all ISK prize awards will be doubled.

In each specific ship or ship-class category, for the runners up, the following will be awarded:
  • 3rd place - Nemesis + 75M ISK
  • 4th place - Griffin + 50M ISK
  • 5th place - Crucifier + 25M ISK

In addition, all bounty payments are doubled for ECM and TD killmails for the month of December.

Good Luck, and Good Hunting!

And a special thanks goes out to all the Sponsors, who are making this contest possible.
You know who you are.

Stay Vigilant
Stay Frosty
Fly Safe

The High Sec Militia

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